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On Yarien People die and buildings crumble, but you, Dear Land, stand

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''He Our Lord a stone then laid
He Anes thus on it stood
He Our Lord then wild tribes saw
He Anes thus was dismayed
Let this wilderness be now tame
From his height so clearly shouted
Let Man and Beast become now two
From his height by all good men heard''
-hymn praising the creation of civilization
Over three millennia have passed since the days of Ikaharin, since the days of feuding city states and bronze-wielding armies. Much has changed all across the world. Empires and entire peoples who once held sway over the land are now long fallen, gods once revered by millions are now dusty idols buried among the ruins and the distant past has become shrouded in myth.
However, not everything has become unrecognizable, as Ikaharin's legacy is still alive and well in the form of On Yarien, the Main State. Guided by a deep sense of tradition (and supremacism), the core of Ikaharinese Culture has survived largely intact since the old days, foreign and/or new concepts being shunned.
''Ducks ashore! All men to their posts''.
However, this constant may too soon come to an end, as a new empire has risen and now threatens to conquer all of On Yarien. While the last official war between the two ended 20 years ago, many skirmishes and incidents happen all the time. Only time will tell what happens...