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Post-War Threats, Idioms, and Nicknames

After World War III and the years that followed it, the idea of insulting people and making fun of them, threatening them, has not died out in the decades since. Generally, there'll be some common insults and remarks that are made in response to the different and varying groups and creatures throughout the frozen wasteland.  

Threats & Idioms

There are several common sayings and threats that are made in the years after the War, some of which tend to be specific ways to warn people that if they're not careful, they'll end up dead or worse in this frozen wasteland. The use of puns referring to the cold have been generally discouraged.      


Generally, nicknames created by people within the frozen wasteland tend to relate to the profession or the group that the target of the nicknames is affiliated with. For example, members of The Order Of The Holy Stone are affectionately called 'Stoneheads', Lumberdryer are given the crass nickname of 'Morning Wooders' due to their habits of drying wood early in the morning, followers of the Black Frost are given the moniker of 'Frozen Witches', and so on. Living Ices are typically called names along the lines of 'Frozites', or 'Death Ice'.

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17 Dec, 2020 20:16

Haha I love the fact that saying 'chill out' will get you a slap. XD

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
17 Dec, 2020 20:54

Ice puns fell out of favor, so saying one will likely give you the cold shoulder.   hehe

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