Harbor Station (S10)

A towering megaopolis that grew past the atmosphere to become a geosynchronous orbital station that maintains the Q-gate trans-network that is the backbone for the modern Omniversal society.


The Planet Oearth is tremendously ethnically diverse with its cultures making the earliest recorded developments in trans-dimensional travel. With the Ferrond Republic and Harbor City, it's captial city, setting the foundation of global government; the native Oearthling races are well represented. by making first contact with Celestia and the Abyss Oearth was able to establish itself as an economic powerhouse before the formation of the Celestial Alliance and the Brimstone Republic. By being able to resist the influence of these Omniversal superpowers, Oearth has been able to position itself as neutral ground far too valuable to be controlled by any omniversal faction; Harbor station by extension has become the Omniverses port of trade, with a poulation that repesents the diversity of the Omniverse.


Board of Directors

The various organizations that maintain Harbor Station govern the settlement through a board of Directors. the Board of Directors functions as Harbor Stations Judicial and Legislative body, resident corporations, guilds and Oearthian patrons are represented on the board. Representation (the number of Board seats) is determined by those organizations controlling interest in the station. Controlling interest is calculated by the station's Executive program, an AI called the Lady.


Harbor station is effectively a colony of the Ferrond Republic. most of the essential services for Harbor station are supplied by corporations based in Harbor City for which they are handsomely paid. Immigration to Oearth and by extension Harbor City is extremely restricted; exorbitant fees, civic evaluations, health tests and economic evaluations cull out undesirable candidates. no non-Oerthling is permitted within three-miles of the planet's surface.
Orbital, Station
Approximately 6 million


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