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The Author

The Author Missing Atticuscillia (a.k.a. Woo boy, I'll get the full list later.)

Oh The Author, what an absolute typhoon are you. Years ago, a councilman invaded the roman empire (Not the holy one), took a few citizens, and feel in love with one. Atticus and his wife, and that is how The Author's parents met. He is a human/omian hybrid, a chimera almost. He rule Omia for 2 year, and then went out to explore the multiverse, died a bunch of times, came back from death once (1101 Omian Years, then resurrected from that), and then his final death was his own. He influenced Omian myths and history, along with other histories throughout the known decaverse and it's alternate timelines.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Healthy. There are times where he is sick, but if they kill him before they go away, regeneration.

Body Features

Most of the time caucasian, but sometimes black, asian, this, that, but within the human skin catagories. Other than that, various types of horns, eye and hair colors, sometimes height (but only a few inches/centimeter at worse), and not that much else when regenerating.

Facial Features

Wouldn't know how to describe a face besides eye color, skin color, hair color, lip size... Okay, maybe I can but not, like, triangular jaw, or something. Just read everything below.

Identifying Characteristics

Well if tattoos and piercings were here as examples, then glasses, some type of coat, neck accessory, and his trusty quill are obvious identifiers.

Physical quirks

He can be ambidextrous, sometimes lefty, sometimes righty. He, when in thought, keeps going in some circular fashion. He sometimes crosses his fingers when nervous (Like, left index under right index, left middle over right middle, so forth). He taps his foot when agitated. And, finally, when angry, he is calm. Scarily calm.

Special abilities

Magic. You can break the universe, use magic.

Apparel & Accessories

Sometimes a type of coat, his "arc color" changes from regeneration to regeneration, a quill, something he wears on his neck (Whether a tie or a scarf), and in general a weird style.

Specialized Equipment

Just a quill, compass, and magic.

Mental characteristics


He was home-schooled, and just experience.


Uh he's the hero of the known Decaverse.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Oh plenty, he won the Omian Civil War, saved planets and universes multiple times, got married, had a kid, and saved people, like he did when he was 200.

Failures & Embarrassments

Well, he went to an Omian war in the future and came out as the last survivor, on both sides of the Omian/Mistake War, lost some friends, and I guess become greedy with life, when his 54th incarnation finally said "Alright, this is my last life."

Mental Trauma

As said in the examples thing before you type in this, he really doesn't have any major PTSD, but he has been through war, saw many deaths, and a part of those deaths were people he loved. War, Mistake, and deaths, and that's really all I can think of.

Intellectual Characteristics

Oh he has a giant brain, knows almost all possible cultures and their histories, and most spells.

Morality & Philosophy

Just strive to be a good person. Don't let hate fuel you without reason, i.e. The Mistaken. They have taken everything away from The Author, I think that hate is justified.


Is this his own personal taboos or things he does that's taboo? I'm assuming the former. Literally, don't be Hitler, and you're fine. He tried to defend a man who killed him because the killer wasn't in his right mind at the time!

Personality Characteristics


"Feels an innate desire to help people in need."

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at spells, english and latin, and helping people. Not very great at being obvious, he can be secretive with certain things, and doesn't understand video games.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Traditional omian food, music, and in general culture, his friends, helping people (To put a general basis) Dislikes: Evil, The Mistaken, hate, The Mistaken, not understanding things, and The Mistaken.

Virtues & Personality perks

Can play a multitude of musical styles/instruments, is great at magic, has no hate for one being or species, besides you know who.

Vices & Personality flaws

Does not have a good cardiovascular system, due to having both human and omian blood. Tends to trust too much, can be annoying at times, and if you spend too long with him, you might overdose on Author Adventures. And he doesn't travel through time or universes well.

Personality Quirks

He tends to cross his fingers when sitting down and waiting (But, like, left index over right index, right middle over left middle, and so forth). When thinking he walks in circles, do I just misinterpret some of these subjects or do I have to repeat myself?


He cleans everything when it needs to be, and when you travel through the multiverse, it's better to clean yourself and clothes everyday just in case.


Contacts & Relations

Well besides knowing a group of humans (*wink*), he knows his friends back at Omia, he has some vitan friends, and he does know a lot of people. Other than that, just the villains he stops of the fans he has, because that will happen with someone like The Author.

Family Ties

His mother and father is all he did know, but he does have his wife and son.

Religious Views

He's an atheist. He can prove it too. If every culture has at least one god, and no one has seen that god, and people just rely on what they were told, then why do people believe in gods?

Social Aptitude

Oh very confident and charismatic. The only reason why you should hate him, is because you're the villain, and you do what you do. Of course, he can be very uncultured at times, having to remember one out of a thousand, in another thousand timelines (Non-literally), and other times he just points out why you're wrong.


Well, he walks around in circles when thinking, when he didn't speak the english language, he didn't understand numbers (Y'know, I, IV, M, whatever), or know what a w was. He questions everything, and going into specifics about his incarnations, his first incarnation was known to say something like "Biyogay" at certain times.

Hobbies & Pets

Saving the multiverse and the fourth dimension. He was at one point your friendly neighborhood spider-man, but then he became superman.


Well, he goes, well no, well maybe. That was an example. Look to the mannerisms section if you a general basis. But he's usually calm, charismatic, he always defends everyone (except on group of manufactured crystalline beings), and is still a nice guy.

Wealth & Financial state

He really never grew up on wealth. He only has whatever currency he has on him, and never really had millions of dollar, yen, pounds, whatever. In terms of money, he had his friends payed if he didn't have the right currency, because there are different civilizations, in different timelines, in different universe.

Lawful Good?
41816 - 48422
Circumstances of Birth
Only what was said before, two species met, fell in love, and had a child.
Circumstances of Death
The first death was by a friend, the rest were, for the most part, ageing, then the regeneration deaths are an entirely different ballgame.
Now called "The Atticus Museum," which was his father's house.
Current Residence
While he is now dead, he lived in Omia, went to New Jersey, then went back to Omia before he died.
Biological Sex
Well, he's at least attracted to girls, I can say that much.
Gender Identity
Normally Omians conform to the gender their born as or regenerate to, and not only is The Author not trans, but even if he was, he's half human, a binary species. So he was born male and will always be male.
Various, they can be whatever happens during regeneration. His first eyes were very wide (open) and brown too.
As above, however some things usually stay the same, like length of hair, and similar hues. In his time, it has gone from bright blonde to the darkest of black.
Always the same; 5'6"
Around 18 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
He has multiple catchphrases depending on regeneration, but I'll comprise the list of quotes and catchphrases later.
Known Languages
Technically all with the translation spells, but, he speaks latin primarily and knows English secondarily.
Character Prototype
Which actor do I imagine playing him, well, assuming we're talking about The first Author, I do not know. The minimum is brown eyes because anyone can grow out hair and dye it blonde, or just wear a wig, and be a lighter skin color because that's how I imagine The first Author. Also not super jacked, so, yeah.

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