The Song of the Dragon

On Isles torn 'part, Morag was born
the three revealed her path.
Their light the guide, her sword was sworn
all foes would feel her wrath.
Into the fight, her heart she'd pour
but still she wanted more.   The sorak left in search for gain,
she fought for foreign land.
Through battles won and more foes slain,
her kingdom's reach was grand.
Despite her chests of gold in store,
she found she wanted more.   The throne abandoned, more might sought
from mages all around.
Through ancient ritual, power brought,
draconic power found.
And though it changed her to her core
she knew wanted more.   With power of her mighty form,
the world was hers to claim.
But soon a voice came as a storm,
and once more lit her flame.
Those words imparted holy lore,
and showed she wanted more.   Once more she went on quests to find,
a power still unknown.
And then one day the stars aligned,
her newfound might now shone.
With godhood's light the skies she'd soar,
yet still she wanted more.   To sate her growing thirst for glory,
more dragons she'd create.
The dragons then would spread her story,
until this very date.
Despite her offspring's gold and roar,
she knows she still needs more.


This poem tells the tale of Morag Drakeshadow and her journey to becoming the first dragon and ascending to godhood.   It begins with Morag being born and joining the priesthood of Trinitism by becoming a Sorak'heidrin. She then leaves the Sorak and sets out to conquer land on another continent. Still feeling as if something is missing, she abandons her kingdom and seeks out a mage able to make her stronger than any mortal. This leads to her transforming into the very first dragon.   After this transformation, she conquers even more land than ever before before she hears the voice of a god tell her how to become a deity. This prompts her to once again go out in search of greater strength until she finally manages to ascend. But even being a god isn't enough for Morag, as she creates more dragons to worship her and give her gifts. Even this she finds lacking, always needing more to be satisfied.

Historical Basis

It can be proven that at least parts of the story are true. The person Morag Drakeshadow did indeed live and used to exist in the records of the Sorak'heidrin. However, these records were lost in a fire, something many believe was intentional in order to distance Morag from Trinitism.   Furthermore, there are definite tracks from Morag's conquest as a warlord in Oracyn. Statues and paintings of her can be found throughout Maryvaire and Leurein. These paintings can be dated to around the year 80 of the Tembarican Calendar, which correlates fairly well with the original dialect of the language in the poem.   Many more stories are also told of the terror she brought upon Omeria during her reign as a dragon. The entire western coast of Caythistari was laid in ruin through nearly a century of raiding, but her lair was never found. This has led many to theorize that it lies somewhere along the eastern coast of Tembaricar, but until recently, it hasn't been possible to send any expeditions there to search for it.


While it isn't common to have read the poem itself, most people have heard the tale of Morag, as she is one of the most prominent gods. She is also present in a lot of children's stories and cautionary tales where she serves as a villain and a warning to be careful with monsters. Her cult, the Children of the Dragon also have a fairly large presence around the world, and are known to seek out ancient draconic artefacts as offerings to their god.

Variations & Mutation

The Children of the Dragon believe Morag to be one of the only gods willing to actually share her divinity with her followers and gift them with draconic might. However, everywhere else, she is painted as a villain to be cautious of. Tales are told of those who make agreements with dragons in her service and receive gifts they later regret.
Date of Setting
Around year 80 of The Tembarican Calendar
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