Religion in Omeria

The Omerian pantheon consists of many gods with different religions following them. Some, like the Path of The One, only worship one deity, while others, like Trinitism worship more.  

Different Views

Though various religions view their god or gods as the strongest or most worthy of worship. However, with a few exceptions they all accept that all the gods exist and are powerful. Thus, most people avoid antagonizing any of them. Despite this, religious wars are not unheard of, and most people stay quiet about their religions when in the territory of another faith.   Especially the newer religions tend to have little respect for other faiths. This also goes for the followers of more extreme gods such as the Children of the Dragon who tend to try their hardest to convert others to their faith. These more aggressive believers can often cause troubles and in areas such as The Sundered Isles where a single religion has control, the worship of these faiths tends to be discouraged or even outlawed.


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