Morag Drakeshadow

(a.k.a. The Dragon)

The very first dragon, Morag Drakeshadow is revered by the Children of the Dragon. Before ascension, she was a prominent of the Sorak'heidrin, but she abandoned the tenets of Trinitism in her pursuit of power.   Her story is told in The Song of the Dragon.

Tenets of Faith

Morag gave no official tenets before ascending, and has never given her followers anything specific since. Except serving her, of course. In return for their fealty, she promises that whoever helps her claim her rightful place as the prime deity will get a place by her side for all eternity. In order to serve her best, her followers are commanded to gather whatever power they can, whether that be through magical and physichal prowess, or money, titles, and artefacts.
Current Status
Plotting in Korric Morag
Related Myths


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