The kingdom of Maryvaiire is a major trade state, thanks to their expansive portal network they gained from a trade deal with Tembaricar.


Before Morag Drakeshadow's time, Maryvaire was of little note. The country consisted only of small farming towns scattered around the coast where a little bit of trade with other countries could happen. Then, the conqueror came and things changed as both Maryvaiire and Leurein were taken over by the to-be first dragon.   This ushered in a new era for the country. Under Morag's rulership, the lakeside villages expanded into thriving cities, connecting inlands to mining colonies once large deposits of Maryvium was discovered. Uninterested in ny foreign trade, Morag hoarded up the material for herself, leading to much frustration from Tembaricar, as the country was eager to obtain more of the magical metal. In fact, they were so desperate for it that a war almost broke out. However, just before drastic action was taken, Morag left the country (in order to become a dragon) and the new government were more than happy to appease the most magically advanced continent of Omeria.   On the back of this trade deal, Maryvaiire lost all rights to the metal, but gained back wealth in both coin and magical contraptions. The country also started asserting itself as a major trading centre for the world, their new riches making it possible to create hubs of magical portals.


Because of their close cooperation with Tembaricar, Maryvaiire has ended up following the Path of The One. This led to the country being a key location in rebuilding the religion after its main stronghold disappeared.
Neighboring Nations


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