Ravenous fiends from The Abyss, demons hunger for magic. While not common, any prescence of demons on Omeria brings with it serious danger, as some demons can bring others with them. Despite not being terribly clever, a large horde of demons pose a large threat, as they quickly head for settled areas, drawn by the magical inventions there. It doesn't take many demons to overwhelm a small city, and once they've razed it to the ground they just keep moving, never tiring.   Demons can make their way to Omeria through summoning, though the summoner gains no control over the creatures. To make it worse, mages prone to such carelessness often rush their tutelage, seeking out magic not taught in schools. Often, this leads them to learning unstable summoning spells to draw upon the demons of the abyss.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Many have tried to figure out what demon society would look like. For while they are ferocious, it is obvious that they have some system they follow. Some demons are more powerful or intelligent than others, and command the rest in battle. Many believe that the weaker demons follow the greater ones simply because they have no choice, while others think there is more to it.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Though it is rare that demons are held captive long enough to study them, some experiments have been done, often on the battlefield. It seems they have some extrasensory ability to sense magic, even over distances as great as several miles and through forests or even mountains. Some theorize that this is because they can sense it through the ethereal plane.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Fiend Demonicus


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