Children of the Dragon

The cult following Morag Drakeshadow has followers all around the world, but no major hold on any continent. Wherever one of the cults show up, casualties follow. For their rituals almost all require some form of sacrifice, usually of humanoid blood.

Mythology & Lore

The believers tend to have various opinions on creation myths, as whatever happened before the ascension of Morag has little consequence for their faith. Some follow the same creation myth as trinitans and pathians, but others have their own theories.   When their mythology begins to matter, is after this. Their most important holy text is The Song of the Dragon, a poem detailing Morag's ascension. From this, and from communing with their god and her servants, they have created the rest of the religion.

Tenets of Faith

Morag gave no official tenets before ascending, and has never given her followers anything specific since. Except serving her, of course. In return for their fealty, she promises that whoever helps her claim her rightful place as the prime deity will get a place by her side for all eternity. In order to serve her best, her followers are commanded to gather whatever power they can, whether that be through magical and physichal prowess, or money, titles, and artefacts.


The children don't have any oversight or centralized priesthood. This means that any believer can claim to be a priest, something many do. In fact, the most common way for the religion to be spread is for a believer to arrive in a new town and start converting its inhabitants.

Granted Divine Powers

Believers who give great gifts to Morag might be given with grand gifts.  
Any priest who builds up enough of a following can be granted magical powers by their god. Morag also often gifts divine magic to other followers as a reward for a particularly grand sacrifice.  
Particularly devoted followers are granted even more than simple magic. Their bodies are altered and given draconic features. Though they still retain a general humanoid shape, they grow dragon-like scales, snouts, tails and claws. A follower showing Morag's favour so openly, almost become deities themselves. At least in the eyes of the other believers.  
The greatest boon known to be bequeathed by Morag, is the full transformation to a dragon. This honour is reserved for those who devote themselves fully to Morag. For she does not trust just anyone with the immense potential of a draconic form. There are no known followers who have received this blessing, but everyone is trying to prove themselves worthy of it.

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