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The Temple of Specternum

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The Temple of Gardinia is found on the outskirts of Acrylicarion in The Weeping Woods. It is the main church for the changelings who believe in the old gods. It is home not only to the 7 alters for the 7 gods, but also a museum to the changelings religion. It showcases the ancient literature and art on paintings and pots and all the same. Underneath the temple lies the royal crypt where all of the past kings and queens are buried. It was once said that a queen who had gone mad with grief attempted to bring her spouse back to life with the small amount of golden shroom left as well as a demonic ritual, but it didn't work, he came back as a half living, half dead changeling who had the blood lust of the demons.
  This temple is visited on each day of the week depending on which god(s) the changelings worship.
Monday: Chrystame, God of the ground and the gems
Tuesday: Wendym, Goddess of the air and the clouds
Wednesday: Necronamin, God of the dead
Thursday: Jade, Goddess of fertility
Friday: Magmyr, God of the earth's core
Saturday: Gardinia, Goddess of the trees
Sunday: Specternum, god of emotion
  All changelings who believe in these gods must attend curch service on Sunday

Purpose / Function

This temple is used by the changelings to worship the gods of old. It is also one of the main landmarks that attract tourists from the other lands due to the art and literature on display. There are seven shrines, each one devoted to each of the Gods/Goddesses. The three God's shrines are seen on the left and the three Goddesses on the right with Specternum in the center alter.


When it first began, it was used just as a shrine, but in recent years, it has become a museum to honor the Gods through art and literature. A few years after, they named it the main crypt for the royal family


It is made with a mix of quards and stone bound detailed with wood from weeping willows. It has been overtaken by the naturaul wildlife, but it isn't trimmed back as it adds character to the building. The building is set in a gothic architectural style with high vaulted ceilings covered in paintings and glass of the ancient Gods. It is very over the top in terms of design and such, but still holds a sense of simplicity

Alternative Names
Home of the Gods
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
The Weeping Woods

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