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The Golden Shroom

These shrooms once grew in abundance in The Weeping Woods of Tedepris. These shrooms glow a bright, vibrant yellow and release small white spores wich make the shroom look like it is shining golden in colour. These fungi were everywhere, infecting the forest, but they had a powerful, astronomical healing purposes. It is said in legend that they can cure death itself.   These shrooms were harvested to extinction a few years after their properties were discovered.  
We were doing our regular harvest run. "Dammit!" I had exclaimed, "These shrooms are like weeds! They're infecting the rest of our resources!" We didn't trust any shrooms after we found out how those Blue Lantern Shrooms did. My foreiging partner had picked some, I had asked what the hell he was doing. "Well, if these things have a use, then we should find it instead of wasting it." I had nodded as we walked over to our Trodders and put out the shroom. This Trodder had a broken leg and was being used only for food and resource testing as they are sacred to us and cannot be killed.   The Trodder ate the shroom, to our surprise, and his veins started glowing a glorious gold. We panicked thinking we were about to kill a Trodder which is punishable by death, but instead, he got up and walked on all four legs. We ran back to our main resource group and delivered the news. We had harvested as many of them as we could, selling them at ridiculously high prices, but our greed was our downfall, the next season, there were no goden shrooms, they were just...gone

Basic Information


These mushrooms are a vibrant yellowish brown who's luminesint pigment glows all day and all night in a golden colour, the white spores it releases making it look as if it is shining like a metal would under the right light

Genetics and Reproduction

It was never fully understood how this plant reproduced, they were always just there, and now they are gone. It is believed that the golden shrooms only existed in a certain amount to make up for the death's caused by the Blue Lantern Shrooms.

Ecology and Habitats

They grow on the sides of trees and on the tops of moss beds. They were everywhere

Dietary Needs and Habits

These shrooms feast on all kinds of biological matter, but thrive on berry mulch

Biological Cycle

They have no seasons, they didn't exist for long enough for people over used them too quickly

Scientific Name
Agaricus bisporus magicariel
It is believed that they were created by the changelings of Acrylicarion's Goddess Jade to balance out the Blue Lantern's death rate
Conservation Status
These species were over harvested when they were discoverred, leading to their extinction
Average Height
5.0 - 10.0 cm
Average Weight
100 g
Average Length
5.0 - 10.0 cm

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