Trash Dragon

Sure, they can be lil' scoundrels sometimes, but they do help keep the world clean in their own way.
  Small and wiggly, these reptiles scour the many nooks and crannies of Omari in search of garbage. They're not sentient like larger dragons, but do exhibit hoarding behavior. Some folk try to keep them as pets while many settlements "employ" them as part of waste management.    


  Trash dragons have flexible thin bodies. They have a similar shape to ferrets, but grow a bit larger. Scale color ranges from muddy browns to dark greens; they are usually mottled in appearance to help them blend into their environment. Their eyes are usually dark shades of yellow or orange.   They have four nimble legs, each adorning a set of sharp claws. Their tails are thinner than their body and are prehensile. Unlike standard dragons, they don't have wings.    


  Like most reptiles, they sexually reproduce and lay eggs. Both sexes reach maturity at 10 years and females can lay 1 - 4 eggs per clutch. Their eggs have hard shells and are dark brown.   Trash dragons are monogamous and often mate for life. They will typically mate once every 4 - 8 years. Their nests are well hidden and fiercely guarded. Both parents take turns incubating the eggs and alternate who stays and who gathers food.    


  These dragons make their homes in warm to moderate environments and enjoy damp spaces the most. They don't tolerate freezing temperatures nor a complete lack of humidity. No one knows their original habitats; in the modern day, many roam city alleyways and lurk through sewer systems.    


  They are omnivores with a stomach capable of digesting a wide range of both organic and inorganic material. Trash dragons prefer to scavenge for their food instead of hunting down live prey. Their hoards often consist of "rare delicacies" that they stow away for special occasions. Fights occur if one dragon tries to eat from another's collection.    


  It's a bit difficult, but people have managed to tame and raise them for various purposes. They are used to keep garbage and other waste from piling up in settlements. Garbage dumps are heaven for them. They don't discriminate between junk and important items, however, and are known to steal just about anything from people's homes if left unchecked.
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Master Moondare
Laure Yates
4 Jul, 2022 06:59

Love this idea! I 'd like a thrash dragon to myself, I think.

13 Jul, 2022 06:35

Thanks! They'd def be fun / cute critters to have around so long as you provide enough enrichment to stifle their urge to get into everything lol.