Snuggler's Den

Here at The Den we strive to make every patron feel welcomed and comfortable. We are always open and are a safe space for both local and weary traveler alike.
    This business is nestled in the middle of a coastal city on the Northern island of Aibonora. Its doors are open to everyone all day during the whole year. The owner built it for those like herself in mind who wish to have a secure haven where they can also have fun without the pressure of drinking or sexual content.      

Physical Description

  The building is rectangular and two stories in height. It's constructed of pale blue bricks with white accents. The floors and other wooden features are made of a sturdy hardwood. Black metallic letters spelling out Snuggler's Den are attached to the front of the building and sit above the entrance. An image of a pillow is on the left of the sign and a mug with steam is on the right.      


  Inside is a spacious yet cozy environment. The first floor is used for activities and a general gathering space with plenty of room for both individuals and people who wish to cuddle close to each other. Located in the left wing is a small library / reading lounge, a game room, and a pet area for those who want to play with the resident cats. The right wing contains the kitchen and a dining area. Within the center is a mix of tables for activities and several plush couches and other lounge furniture.   The second floor is home to all the rooms available for patrons to rent for as long as they please. There is a mix of single and double rooms, each furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, and a closet. A couple storage rooms are located on this floor as well. There are three fully stocked wash rooms for patrons to use.      

Services and Activities

  Visitors can rent a room; most are temporary stays, but those who need a long term, safe residence are welcome to do so. All food and drink are available at no extra cost. There are several laptops to share and the library has five desktops nestled in different corners. Many soft blankets and pillows of varying textures and weights can be found throughout the entire building. They are washed and maintained on a regular basis.   Patrons are allowed to check out books at their leisure and have an unlimited time frame to read them. There is free internet access to all, even to visitors not renting a room. Staff simply request that people do their best to avoid getting food and liquid on the materials. On the last night of each week, a projection screen is set up for a movie night where visitors vote on two programs to watch. Their collection is extensive.
Safe Space / Club
Lauke Schinkel
Year Built
Hours of Operation

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Dec 1, 2021 21:38 by Andrew Booth

I love this, particularly the call-out to a smuggler's den being nicely contrasted by what the building actually is.

Dec 2, 2021 13:19 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I want to hang out here. It sounds so cosy. <3

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The name of this is awesome. It caught my attention right away. Snuggles and libraries! can't go wrong.

Jan 23, 2022 18:05

What a lovely place to be! I could almost feel the warmth of a blazing fireplace when reading the article. That's a place I would love to visit, if only for the name :D

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