Sloshed Slug

Need a place to quench your thirst after a long stay inside the park? Then make your way to the Sloshed Slug when you leave. It's not too far from the gates so you can't miss it. Show the bartender your ticket from the day to get one free drink!
— A TV commercial for the bar, starring Zuggi.
    Nestled in the center of the Underdark, this establishment is part of the Midnight Kingdom amusement park. However, it was not built within the main grounds. The building is located between the main park gates and the nearby hotel reserved for visitors. The park's owner, Zuggi Jewelseeker, built it a year after the Kingdom's grand opening.    

Building Structure

  The Sloshed Slug is a two story building. It was built with white stone bricks and oak wood. Patches of moss and glow shrooms have grown along the outer walls. Staff trim them on occasion to prevent overgrowth. The sign above the door depicts an image of a drunk, cartoon slug with a glass of alcohol and some food imagery.   The path leading to the door is smooth stone; small garden lights line it at evenly spaced intervals. There is no porch area and no steps. The main entrance is flush with the ground and accessible to all mobility aides. The floorboards of the first floor are enchanted to prevent sounds and music from the lower level disturbing guests who don't want to be around the music.    

Interior and Layout

  There are two floors, a ground level and a section below it. During construction, workers carved into the stone under the foundation. This would allow the lower level to be larger than the main floor.   Both sections have places to drink. The main section is focused on dining while the basement is more geared towards activities.  

First Level

  Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a server who is stationed at a small podium. The entrance contains an alcove with several benches for those who need to wait. This area then opens up to the main dining floor. Here several tables of varying seating sizes are spaced out evenly.   Near the back of the building is a long bar lined with stools. Large doors leading to the kitchen are on the wall behind it. A flat TV hangs from the ceiling. The left wall has doors to the bathrooms. Along the right wall is a set of stairs leading to the lower level. The building's elevator is near the stairs; it can be operated by anyone without staff intervention.  

Lower Level

  Directly across from the stairs is the second bar; it is the same type as the main bar, just to a smaller scale. There is a dance floor and DJ booth. A small stage for performances is present as well. Plush couches and chairs are available to lounge in and are paired with coffee tables. The bathrooms on this level are near the bar. There is also an alcove where the arcade is located.    


  Overall, the Sloshed Slug is an up-beat, easy going place to enjoy oneself. It doesn't take itself too seriously and the staff are usually friendly. Both levels have low, soft lighting that is easy on light sensitive eyes. The lower section does contain more vibrancy for the party going crowd.   The bar is usually active for a majority of the night. Club music only plays on the lower level. To fill the silence on the ground floor, light ambient tracks are played. The entire interior appears to have a faint sweet aroma and haze in the air.    


  The Sloshed Slug serves a mix of dinner items and alcoholic beverages. A majority of their offerings are Underdark specific cuisine. There is a small selection of universal dishes offered that is rotated on a regular basis. The items listed below are staff favorites.  
Lumi soup is a favorite among many Underdark natives. Other adventurous eaters find its warm, filling nature a good pairing for their drinks and greasy foods. This is a cream based soup full of glow shrooms and spices.
by Ezra Aldrich
by Ezra Aldrich
Rock grape wine is a relatively new beverage. It's popular among the younger crowd and enjoyed by almost everyone. It's created from grapes native to the area. The famous drow bard Orion Starbreeze created the wine.
Slug shooters are a specialty that were originally created in this specific eatery. The main ingredient is a large pickled Slug served in a shot glass. The liquid varies depending on preference. Staff are not liable for choking incidents.
by Ezra Aldrich
If fungi, insects, and slippery critters gross ya out, we do offer some items more palatable to you surface dwellers. Either way, our grub is guaranteed to be delicious. Otherwise, I'll have to holler at someone.
— Sizzles

Meet the Staff



A male tiefling with opalescent skin and short pink hair. He is both the manager and lead bartender. Many of the beverages served are his creations. Buzz loves to gossip with customers.


A genderfluid changeling who alternates between a drow and human appearance when working. They are the main DJ. Some nights they perform with a band on the stage.

Ice Box

This is a small metal construct. He is often called IB as a nickname. Staff send him out to tables with items that need to be kept cool. The chamber in his center chills them.


She is a female kobold who acts as the head chef. Sizzles brainstorms menu ideas with Buzz and enjoys coming up with new concepts. Her kitchen is always clean and in top shape; Sizzles does not tolerate bad workers.


The arcade is one of the main sources of fun within the Sloshed Slug. It contains a mix of virtual gaming cabinets and crane games. The machines do not dispense tickets, however. It was added as another "gold sink" that staff happily suggest the more drunk patrons to spend time there.
Twice a month, a small competition is held within the arcade. Individuals who score the highest by the end of the night receive a voucher for a couple free items on their next visit. The only other "prizes" available are the items found within the crane machines.   Another popular section is the dance floor. It sits in front of the DJ booth and is open all night. The only time music is not playing is when the performance stage is in use. Once or twice a week, either a band or other entertainer utilizes the stage for a varying amount of time.    

Secret VIP

  There is an exclusive club that uses the Sloshed Slug as both a general hang out and a meeting spot. Members will either enter through a guarded back door or be let through inside by a staff member after showing the proper identification. Access is only
granted to members who show a key necklace. Each key is unique to every member. Their image is paired with a picture of its holder in a small book for reference. Members without their key or individuals who possess one that's not theirs are denied access.   To prevent excessive questions from nosy patrons, staff are instructed to inform them that the VIP list is full. If they ask about future openings, they will simply answer that they are unsure if a spot will open anytime soon.    

Rumor Mill

Have you actually ever seen a single supply cart around? I've been around here at numerous different times. Do you think they got like, some sort of tunnel network going on for things?
I hear they pump this place with some sorta invisible gas that makes folk wanna keep coming back for more. If that's true, I bet that sleaze ball Zuggi uses it in his park too.
Bar and Grill
Year Built
Hours of Operation
4 PM - 4 AM

Legal Consumption

  Due to the varying species in Omari, the legal age for drinking alcohol and consuming other substances differ from each other. To ensure everyone's safety, every establishment must have a book on hand for reference. It contains all the information needed to legally serve each species and is updated on a regular basis.  


  • Park Visitors 80%
  • Park Staff 15%
  • Other 5%
  • Plot Hooks
      An important item that had been reported as lost / stolen has been spotted in one of the crane games by a party member.   An employee discretely slides a note with a key attached to the party. It seems someone wants them to investigate what Zuggi might be up to with his VIP members.

    Customer Reviews

      It's always pretty lively and the staff are fantastic. I love the food and the alcohol is top quality. A great way to finish a night in the park.
      This joint's a great place to just vibe after a long shift at the park. Something about it always seems to put me at ease. If something's up, I can't complain, I get an employee discount.
      It wasn't bad for a first visit. Expect theme park pricing though. I would've given it another star, but I almost choked on a slug. Thankfully the cute mechanical server they have wheeled over and managed to save me.

    Cover image: by Ezra Aldrich


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