Rock Grape Wine

I wasn't sure what to expect when messing around with these grapes in my personal brew lab. At first I even thought I maybe did something wrong, but it turns out this rad as hell effect just naturally happens for some reason. I might need to ask some science buddies why that is, exactly, but for now I'm just happy to have made a cool drink. 
Orion Starbreeze discussing the odd properties of the new wine he's made. 
  First made by famous bard Orion Starbreeze, this popular wine is refreshing and light. It started as an Underdark specialty that could only be found in select bars. After seeing how popular it became, Orion moved on to sell it all across Omari.   What makes this wine really stand out from the rest is the special effect that happens once the fermentation process has ended. Every bottle of wine made with Rock Grapes ends up producing a bright purple glow similar to a bioluminescent effect. People are still baffled as to how it works, but there appears to be no ill effects from this. It is a fun drink the younger clubbing crowd enjoys ordering at dark nightclubs and festivals. Some people even soak their hair in it for a temporary dye job that glows.   A handful of other companies have tried producing and selling the wine, but aren't as successful as Orion's business Cyclone Brews. He will not share his secrets. The others can reproduce the glow effect to an extent, but have a hard time copying the flavor profile that everyone loves. For now, he has a strong grip on this market.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Cost: 20SP per bottle.    Manufacturers: Cyclone Brews produces the highest quality and has the most sales.    Flavor: This is a light and sweet wine. It pairs well with most desserts. There is a faint additional taste of plum and blueberries.

Cover image: by Krzysiek


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