Come my children, do not be afraid of the night. Bask in the glow of the stars and moon. I will always have a watchful eye as you wander the darkness. My shroud shall protect you.
    Elusive and majestic, Noctia is the goddess of the night, darkness, and stealth. She is also associated with the moon and stars. The Carthi people primarily worship her. As cultures mixed in the current eras, others have adopted her image and beliefs as well.    

Physical Appearance

  In most instances Noctia takes the form of a dark elf. Her skin is a dark gray and unblemished. She has black hair with silver highlights. Her eyes are a swirled mix of lavender and silver. Noctia is tall with a soft, fat build. Many see her as a motherly figure.   Artwork often depicts her wearing dark blue robes with white accents and tassels. On the back of her robes are embroidered constellations that are always changing. The fabric has a faint shimmer if observed up close.    


  Full moon shrouded in fog   A crown of stars   A ring or pendant made of Borialite


  • Do not fear the dark.
  • Let the moon and stars guide your way.
  • Walk with grace and courage even in the most trying times.
  • Species
    Dark Elf
    Cis Female
    Associated Cultures
    Other Names
    The Night Mistress

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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