Lucid Nightmare

I could feel the music vibrate the floor as I swayed along to it with those around me. Blue and purple lights flashed in time with the beat. There was a bit of a mysterious haze that filled the club whenever they played.
  A fairly new band to the scene, Lucid Nightmare has grown into a favorite among the club and rave community. They play for various venues, but the late night crowd is their go-to audience. Their genre is a unique mix of metal, electronic, and similar sounds. They utilize lighting and visual effects during each performance via magical and technological means.  

Meet The Band Members

Lathai Palana:
The lead singer and founder of the band who also plays the electric keyboard / soundboard. He is a young adult elf who wanted to get into more experimental music. Lathai is very close to his crew members and treats them as family.  
Tuzen Velm:
The guitarist and secondary vocals. She is an adult half orc and Lathai's girlfriend. Tuzen met him at a music festival and helped him come up with the band idea after befriending each other. She owns and drives the hover bus they all travel in while on tour.  
Barnabas Stralers:
The drummer and "adopted" son of Lathai and Tuzen. He is a young adult human who met them when he was 18. Barnabas left his home for various personal reasons and was taken in by the founders after hearing he had been wandering with nowhere to go. They discovered his talent for rhythm and let him be their band's drummer since he showed interest.  
The bassist and close friend of Tuzen. She is an adult yuan-ti with the lower portion of a snake and torso of a human. Tuzen told her about their band idea and asked if she'd like to participate. Ssotsi wanted a change of pace in her life and agreed to join.  
Leiki Tyco:
The band's manager and effects specialist. They are a non binary, young adult tiefling who stumbled upon the band during their second year of playing. After attending some of their concerts, Leiki approached the band to ask if they'd need any assistance and showcased what they could offer. Lathai loved what he saw and after getting the other member's approval, hired Leiki onto the team.
Entertainment, Music band
Established: 908  


  • Swirling Through Space
  • Fiend Frolic
  • Dreamscape 
  • Hypnotic Flow 
  • Demons on the Brain
  • Crunchy Bones  

Record Label

  After gaining popularity, Lathai decided to partner with a handful of similar bands to form their own record label. There weren't many availible that were willing to take them on otherwise. In the year 911, Fourth Dimension Music was created.

Cover image: by Krzysiek


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Ooo, they sound like they would be really fun to see play live. I always love special effects. I love the diversity of the band members and how they are a family. :)

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