Jata Azimi

If I can just figure out how to get our people to the moon and beyond, then I could help open up a whole other world of possibilities. Sure we have planar / dimension travel and teleportation, but that doesn't cover the vast expanse of stars above us.
    Jata is an adult human male with his eyes always towards the stars. Ever since he was a child, he's always wondered exactly why the moon emitted a purple glow. Many know of the tale of how Uxali crashed to the planet and caused the sudden color shift of the moon. Jata wants to know the details of how that works.    

Physical Appearance

  Jata is tall, lanky, and has dark brown skin. His hair is long, black, and usually styled in dreads he either leaves down or ties up to keep out of the way of his work. He has dark brown eyes and soft facial features.   Jata wears a pair of plastic framed reading glasses; they hang around his neck on a dark blue corded rope. This rope also has thin silver threads woven through its length. The frames are a lighter blue with small gold stars along both arms.   Five years ago he sustained a spinal cord injury. Jata now uses a wheelchair. It's currently a standard build that was adjusted to his needs a couple times. He is waiting for a more custom, magic powered levitating chair to be built.    


  Jata is studious, hard working, and does his best to keep enough free time for his loved ones. He has big ambitions and an even bigger heart. It's hard for him to fully unwind. There's been many a night where he stayed up late working on research or other reading.    


  • Star gazing
  • Iced coffee
  • Puzzles
  • Techno music
  • Dislikes

  • Snow
  • Arrogance
  • Hidden information
  • Spicy food

    Early Life

      Jata was born to two human mothers and is the middle child of five siblings. His birth happened during the night under a clear sky full of stars. They were a close family who stayed in touch. He lived with them in the city of Telverro until he went to university.   After hearing the tales of Uxali, he begged his parents for a telescope. He received one as a gift on his tenth birthday. Many nights were spent watching the moon and studying the stars. Jata kept several notebooks to write down his observations.    


      At the age of 20, Jata attended the university in Lunaris. He majored in astronomy with minors that focused on various forms of travel. Jata graduated with top marks and decided to stay in Lunaris for work and continued studies.   He works as a professor and leads the school in space related research. Jata has several published papers and is currently working on a new textbook with up to date information. He's often consulted by groups currently working on making space travel a reality.   Over time he grew close to two individuals and formed a polyamorous relationship with them. He married a male elven librarian who works in the university archives. Their other spouse is a non binary human who stays at home and sells knitted garments on the side.   Recently they adopted a female tiefling baby. Her parents passed in an accident and were close friends of the trio. Jata hopes she will be able to see the possible wonders he hopes to uncover in the future.
    Cis Male
    He / Him
    Astronomer / Researcher
    Current Location

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    1 Aug, 2022 14:46

    Great character building! I’d love to read more about Jata’s future discoveries, as well as his past.

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