Drink or Dare

"Aw hell Willard, you must be the most unlucky bastard I know. Look at how sloshed you are!"   "Mm, 's...not my fault Gerald. I swear those...that dice must be loaded. I rolled ones all night!"
— Two drunken sailors helping each other back to their cabin.
    This unpredictable drinking game began as a way for bored sailors to pass the time after completing their duties at night. They began showing people how to play it whenever they'd visit bars while docked and it soon spread. In the modern era it is now a popular bar and party game that can be customizable.    


  There are only a couple items needed to partake in this game. It requires a twenty sided die and plenty of alcoholic beverages. Older dice were made of anything from stone and wood to old whale bones that would wash ashore. Modern sets are now usually produced from plastic, resin, or wood. Some bars and ships have unique sets that can only be found there.    

How to Play

  The rules are simple and this game is meant to be a fun and cheerful experience. There are typically no betting elements to it. Players each take turns rolling the single die before doing whatever action is linked to the number. Each game varies and many enjoy making lists of their own "dares".   If the individual fails their task, they must take a drink. They must also drink if they refuse to do what the dice tells them to. (Everyone is free to decline as they please.) Participants may end the game at any time. Most groups end before anyone gets too drunk, but some naturally end when everyone eventually passes out / falls asleep around the playing area.     An example list to play with.
1. Uh-oh, your boat sank! Take a shot.
2. Sing a shanty with your friends.
3. You lost a leg to a shark. Hop around the table on one leg.
4. Scurvy has settled in. Take a shot.
5. The current's sweeping your group away. Have a breath contest with a friend, whoever loses takes a shot.
6. Draw your best pirate ship.
7. Swab the deck! Take a few minutes to clean nearby surfaces.
8. The captain's parrot bit your finger. Take a shot.
9. Brighten a crew member's day. Compliment a friend.
10. Time for training! Compete with a friend to see who can hold a plank position the longest. The loser takes a shot.
11. Talk like a pirate for the next five minutes.
12. Your ship was boarded by rival pirates. Take a shot.
13. Test your crew's loyalty. Give a friend a dare to complete.
14. Time for a treasure hunt! Play a few turns of "I Spy" with your friends.
15. Make your best "sand castle" out of empty and clean shot glasses.
16. You fell overboard due to a broken guard rail. Take a shot.
17. To pass time on the open sea, take some time to dance with your friends.
18. Using a washable marker, give a friend the best sailor/pirate tattoo you can draw.
19. A tropical storm's coming. Hunker down and take a shot.
20. You found a bountiful treasure chest! You gain immunity to taking a shot. (One time use per rolling the number.)


  Over time another version of this game developed. Instead of a single twenty sided die, two pairs of six sided dice are used. One has three pairs of different colored dots which dictates how much the player must drink. The other is simply numbered 1-6 to dictate what to do from a shorter task list.   This game can be customized to fit any theme. The "dare" lists range from being completely random to toting themes like exploring space or trekking through a dangerous jungle.
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