Our people have come a long way. It was more than thoughtful and accommodating for the locals to provide us a place similar to our previous home. We've made these caverns uniquely ours and we'll continue growing and flourishing.
Hailing from a sinking island on the other side of the globe, the Carthi people are the elves who settled Omari's Underdark. They are one of the largest cultures within the underground caverns. Their people preserved as much as they could while also evolving new traditions and goods.


Carthi are heavily based around family and honor their ancestors. They are a supportive community who do their best to look out for each other while promoting personal growth. Many of their holidays are communal; gifts and food often being shared among several houses. Individuals who betray their kin are distasteful and more often than not, exiled or punished depending on the severity.
Loyalty is a must. If an individual abandons a comrade for no good reason, it is considered a crime as serious as murder or treason. Very few cases are given a chance to redeem themselves.


Despite living underground, these elves take pride in their cleanliness. Many homes have personal spas full of mineral water and shelves full to the brim with skin and hair products. Individuals may carry around personal, ornate combs that are unique to them. There is no overall preferance for hair length; Carthi are happy as long as they can maintain well styled, neat hair. Some family take pride in braiding each others hair, especially during holidays and events.
The Carthi are typically split when it comes to the use of makeup. Some keep their face bare while others have a whole routine, as long as the look isn't gaudy or clashes with anything. They produce a unique brand that evolved from traditional blends carried over from their previous land. The Underdark's rocks and soil provides the perfect clay and minerals to use.


Their diet consists primarily of mushrooms, fish, insects, snails, and root vegetables. Any other frutis and vegetables that grow well in the dark are mixed in as well. They import rice and grain from the surface along with the occasional item they feel may be missing nutrition wise.
A popular fruit found only in their region are Rock Grapes. They are a rare treat to surface dwellers who the Carthi can sell to and trade with for other goods.
Dark Elves

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