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Carl Wallace

Eh, I don't mind working at the store. Sure there's some asshole customers but The Madame always has our backs when needed. I don't have to put much effort in, deal with crunches, or wear a too tight suit.
— Carl
    Carl is a grumpy cashier who works the night shift at a bodega in Coralview. He is the eldest of Morphei's employees and has worked there longer than Jitters. He walks to work everyday as he lives a block away in an apartment with his husband Dorian.    

Physical Appearance

  Carl stands at 5'3 and has a soft, fat build. He has very pale skin covered in many freckles. His hair is short with soft, light brown curls. It's starting to gray along his temples. Carl's eyes are a blue grey and always droopy. There are persistent bags and dark circles under them.   His face is round and sports a full short beard. It hasn't started greying yet. There's a small bald patch in it where a faded scar is located. His lips are constantly chapped despite his use of chap stick.   Carl has a simple wardrobe consisting mainly of jeans and solid color tee shirts. He enjoys wearing nothing but shorts and slippers around the house. Due to poor vision, he wears a pair of plastic framed glasses. They're a brown tortoiseshell pattern.    


  Carl likes to take life at a slow and steady pace. He doesn't handle stress well nor does he like big or sudden changes. Despite his initial gruff exterior, he is a gentle soul, especially towards his loved ones.  


  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Reading to Dorian
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Lemonade
  • Dislikes

  • Office Work
  • Overtime
  • Spicy Food
  • Sports

    Early Life

      Carl was born to a human mother and father. He was the youngest child and has a brother five years older than him They lived in Nelltaisi where he stayed until the age of 20. He would move to Coralview after not finding the cold environment enjoyable.   He didn't do well in school, finding it too much effort and boring. It was hard for Carl to find something to be passionate about until he met a new librarian. She got him hooked on mystery novels and puzzles; they would be enough to keep him going.    


      Higher learning didn't interest Carl. He went straight into the workforce and struggled to find a good fit. During his first years in Coralview, he suffered through a miserable office job.   Carl met Dorian at a local bookshop. They were both regulars and shared a similar taste in stories. Over time they would bond over them and go on coffee dates. Dorian helped Carl loosen up a bit. He also helped him realize his job wasn't worth the hassle and steered Carl towards the corner store.   This change was enough to lower his stress immensely. Carl could breathe easier and started to enjoy his life again. He got on well with his coworkers and decided to stay there ever since.   Five years after dating, Carl and Dorian got married at the end of winter. It was a small wedding held in the late afternoon. They celebrated with a murder mystery party with their close friends during the following weekend.   He enjoys reading together with Dorian. A year ago, his husband suffered a mild brain injury that made reading difficult. Carl now reads aloud to Dorian, voices and all, and they spend time discussing the book together over snacks and tea.
    Cis Male
    He / Him
    Cashier at Scrimbles' Corner
    Current Location
    Dorian Wallace

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