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Kappe av Fremtredende

(Norwegian) Cloak of Prominence

If you want to make it in these parts, you best learn the skills you need and the gear to use em. Sure a knife is handy in a fight but it's a more important tool. The number of times my kappe has saved me from the cold, wet land is more numerous than I care to admit. You'd do yourself right by earning one of your own.

Kappe av fremtredende is a general term for the fur cloaks worn by the denizens of Kinhambe. As Kinhambe is the northern most major settlement on the continent of Seclora, its populace have historically protected the western half of the continent from the monstrous denizens of the north-east wildlands. In such a rough area, hunters and fighters took to skinning their foes, preserving their skin/pelt, and fashioning a cloak. The community naturally defer to those with the most 'patchworked' cloak of the most dangerous creatures, and the kappe av fremtredende became a sort of status symbol to identify local "celebrities".

As time past and the influence of the Barnema Trade Company grew from the west, the patchwork cloaks were adopted by the region's Slavefanger. Now it's best to stay away from anyone in these cloaks, especially if you know you're being hunted or near Kinhambe.

The most important part of each kappe is that its composition consists of foes slain by the specific Slavefanger that wears it - in the presence of their peers. Most often the beast is defeated nigh single-handedly, usually saving a fallen coworker from imminent death. The more patches, the greater the hunter.

You can even get a sense for where a Slavefanger operates and the type of quarry they pursue most often if you have a keen eye and enough sense about you. Exotic creatures are likely prominently displayed with additional pieces of tooth, eye, claw, horn, and scale used for decoration. Depending on the nefariousness of the individual, certain features or textures that look much more.. akin to a species of the civlized world.. may be displayed subtlely or.. less so.

Falsifying 'kills', stealing a Kappa av Fremtredende, and other methods of deceit are not unheard of; however, are met with swift and brutal retribution by other Slavefanger if discovered... those killed for this crime oft find themselves a part of another's kappe.

When a Slavefanger dies, they most typically are buried in their cloak symbolizing their life's achievement. Works of art (paintings, statues, and even stories) will usually depict a Slavefanger kappe av fremtredende in great detail, even to the point where the actual individual's features are poorly defined or misrepresented.

Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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5 Jun, 2021 19:45

Nice article! Like the quote you started with to set the mood ^^ It is a nice concept that they make the cloak from the things they kill and that falsifying 'kills' is met with retribution.

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Mark Laybolt
5 Jun, 2021 19:56

Thanks kefke :D I know this article is functionally just a stub but it was the idea I was going to build out if I was doing better this past month. Maybe some day lol.

5 Jun, 2021 19:59

Yeah it is a lot shorter than the plant one but you will get the badge this way ^^ Will be nice to learn more at some day then :)

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
5 Jun, 2021 19:51

Nice article, especially with how quickly you've written it! I love the idea of them using the fur of their enemies to make a cloak! Are those actually sentient creatures? Or are those only the one you called "civilised"? :p That's really creepy and amazing to include them in the cloak XD Especially those nasty fraudsters :p And people deferring to those with the most patchwork cloak is also great! This gives a very interesting glimpse into the culture of the world :p

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Mark Laybolt
5 Jun, 2021 19:55

I'M SO SORRY I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED DELETE THE FIRST TIME!!!   I haven't written/revealed much of the NE "wildlands" but there are definitely sapient species/civilizations in that area. The civilized/uncivilized differentiation ties slightly into my "Denizens of the World" article that I wrote to initially frame how I wanted to use TTRPG 'races'. At the end of the day, civility is a subjective definition ;)

9 Jun, 2021 01:09

I like how much different kappe compositions change how people perceive someone and how much that can tell people about the person wearing the kappe. I also really like how some people have pieces that look like civilized species that they display more or less subtly.

Creator of the the Disputed Lands, a bronze age world of politics and clockwork magic.
Mark Laybolt
9 Jun, 2021 13:55

Thanks Urania!

11 Jun, 2021 09:01

Stolen valour definitely is a bad idea when said valour involves eliminating dangerous threats...   I like that this is both a way of survival, and a way of showing off your trophies!

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 15:37

Really great feel/mood to this whole thing, starting with the header image and going right on through the article. Great names for stuff, too. Keep up the good work!

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