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Baardrode, originally Deugdelijkheid Heer, is a seaman turned pirate who prowls the ways of the Tjenerenssjøvei with his brother Greg Lord. They continue to harass both the Barnema Trade Company and Marché de Mur vessels, generally preferring the harder targets with the larger payout.   Deugdelijkheid is a Half Blood Elf fluent in Elvish, Humanese, Gnomish, Dwarvish, and Halfish.

Early Life

Deugdelijkheid became a mariner at only 7 years old by joining the trade fleet of Marché de Mur. Not long after Deugdelijkheid vouched for his younger brother, Greg Lord. They spent years sailing the Tjenerenssjøvei from Winham to Dverghjem. Both boys loved the sea. Together they saved every silver piece they could, always taking the time to visit their parents (Jacob Lord and Zuiver Lord) if they stopped in Menestad. Their parents diligently hid their sons' treasure yearning for the day when their family could be whole again.   Alas, some things are not meant to pass.

Becoming Baardrode

Thirty years ago, after their usual visit and silver deposit, heartpain struck Deugdelijkheid on their long walk back to the ship. Greg, catching the arm of his woozy brother, turned them around and headed back toward their family home. They've split up a few times in the past for special jobs, the captain would be fine if one of them took a shore leave until the journey back.   The door to their home was ajar upon their return. Deugdelijkheid, in a sudden burst of energy, sprinted to the threshold and flung the door wide to unveil a grisly scene. His father, freshly slaughtered, knelt awkwardly on the floor at the far edge of the room. The ends of two arrows protrude from Jabob's back as the splot splot splot of thick red drops fill the room. His blood continued to pool in the hole normally concealed by trick floorboard that hid their life savings.   Deugdelijkheid knew he didn't want to shift his gaze. He KNEW, and yet he did anyway. There, mere two paces to his left, was his mother's still warm corpse. A kitchen knife lay haphazardly to her limp right hand, fingers still part clenched. A clean slash from collarbone to hip and a swift thrust through the heart. Deugdelijkheid dove to cradle his mother as tears poured down his cheeks in a torrent. At least she died quickly..   Greg, ever the pragmatic, ran to their father burying sobs deep in his angry chest.   "Its gone," said Deugdelijkheid.   He did not need to look but Greg always was the one who had to see things for himself.   And so Greg fumed and stomped while Deugdelijkheid just continued to hold their mother until the tears subsided, his thick beard absorbing more and more of his mother's blood with each passing second.   Together they buried their parents beneath the apple tree that had been a sapling when Deugdelijkheid had left home. Together they returned to the docks and their duties at sea - never to set foot in Menestad again.

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Author's Notes

This character is based on the (original) historical figure known as Barbarossa (Oruç Reis) as I wanted to create a half blood elf duality for this prompt. I learned that Oruç had three brothers and one sister from this article. For the purposes of Summer Camp 2021, I only created their father Yakup Ağap, their mother Katerina, and one brother Hızır Reis. After Oruç died, Hızır took on the Barbarossa moniker.

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Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
4 Aug, 2022 07:40

Ahhh noooo... That's really sad :( Who murdered their parents? Was it just a thief... Or...? How did Baardrode change from this tragic event, I wonder? Did he become more ruthless? Did he ever try to seek revenge?   Very sad and vivid descriptions, nice work!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot