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Tiamthur was a group of traders and merchants that lived as an illicit gang called Matousai in the southern part of Varonith from 25006 to 24811 AYM and as a trader guild from 24811 to 19962 AYM. Because of this large timespan, the Tiamthur are one of the few known tribes that existed in both the Heta and Nota-Alsewarzars; however, because of the transformation from the Matousai to the Tiamthur, which happened only a few years before the transitioning of eras, the tribe is formally categorized as part of the Nota-Arzreazar.
The named Tiamthur is the Eldrond name for a giver/supplier, which matches the organization's values and main economic foothold. However, from 25006 to 24811 AYM they were named Matousai, or ferocious/fearsome one in Eldrond, referring to the group's raiding style and militaristic approach.
The Matousai were a large raiding group that operated in the southern half of Varonith. They were formed in 25006 AYM by a grand coalescing of multiple gangs. This gang carried out frequent raids on nearby towns and was led by the Syvvihoid, a role that was in charge of morale, military exploits, and general organization of the tribe. The Tauhudarb, an ex-subsidiary of the Matousai that seceded in 20 Geta-Eimarae, 25000 AYM, were also ruled by a position of similar power, the Earrenhoid.
In 6 Yota-Eimarae, 24811 AYM, the gang discovered several rich deposits of mineral rock southwest of Varonith. From then on, the group formed a economic system with nearby towns, and Varonith's power as a whole became greatly diminished as more and more cities became part of the Matousai, who renamed themselves to Tiamthur in 24810 AYM to better describe their organization. The Syvvihoid's power was also heavily diminished, to the point where the only real power he had was the passing of laws and the managing of the police and army.
  From 24535 to 22498 AYM the tribe underwent great reform, which was in response to increasing instability within the Varonith tribe. As part of this reform, new protection laws were introduced, which aimed at reducing fraud, and the military was expanded greatly and subdivided into smaller battalions.

25006 - 19962 AYM

Guild, Merchant
Re-Matousai (25006-24811 AYM), Re-Tiamthur (24811-19962 AYM)
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