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Sangus was a subtribe of Varonith created in 24556 AYM. It was the most populous of Varonith's 8 tribes, and contained Vairdim and Laumohud, the most and second-most populous cities in Varonith. It is known for the disastrous Sangus Plan whose failure led directly to the conquest of Sangus by the subtribes of Rottol and Sachelu.



Ever since the tribe's creation the various cities of Varonith had drifted apart, and most major towns had their own leaders, rules, and ways of life. Many efforts were made to reunite the cities, but none of them were successful. However, many still dreamed of a united Varonith, and those in Vairdim, the center-most and most populous city, saw this foothold as one they could use to achieve that goal. So, in 24556 Vairdim alongside Laumohud and Calladou, formed the Sangus tribe and coronated Vairdim's king Fathwar as king of all of Sangus. The kings of Laumohud and Calladou resented this, and in the Sangian Civil War of 24556-24553 AYM they fought with and ultimately lost to Fathwar.

Varonian Civil War

In keeping with their vision of a unified Varonith, Fathwar began to draft the Sangus Plan in the early days of Heta-Eimarae, 24538 AYM. This Sangus Plan, sometimes known as the Great Unification Plan, looked to unite all the Varonian tribes via conquest. Because Ardunioz to the north contained 5 relatively large towns, as well as some Larangthian towns as well, they instead decided to invade southwards, towards Rottol and Sachelu. 
To make this quicker and perhaps more efficient, they conducted two simultaneous campaigns, one directed towards Rottol and led by king Fathwar, and another directed towards Sachelu and led by the general Errhosat. Both armies set out on 8 Yota-Eimarae.
However, Fathwar's army was decimated in the Battle of Ojjeirin on 12 Yota-Eimarae, and after he and Errhosat combined their armies, they were both killed in the Battle of Ferant in 14 Yota-Eimarae. Thus, without a sizeable army and military leader, Sangus was easily conquered in the Battle of Vairdim in 25 Yota-Eimarae, 24538 AYM.
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