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Olgliva was the 16th and last king of Lotao, and is best known today for his leadership in the Tayzem Campaign, in which he united the 6 Tayzem Tribes under his rule, creating the kingdom of Blivon. He ruled as King of Lotao from 22953 to 22888 AYM and King of Blivon from 22888 to 22861 AYM. He is generally seen as excessively reactionary and cunning, and his military tactics have been criticized for being too reckless and destructive; however, his campaign is the first example of large-scale warfare, and many credit his impulsiveness for helping to facilitate Blivon's creation as a fast-paced, energetic society and later, a leader in technological and cultural progress.
Olgliva was born in 22991 AYM to Diaphon, the 15th ruler of Lotao, and had 5 twin siblings, called Venilog, Glauvre, Aukkran, Farhein, and Loegren. In 22953, Diaphon died, and Olgliva, considered the largest and most mature of his family, succeeded him as king. Because his reign was mostly dominated by the Tayzem Campaign, he did not issue any new laws or decrees. During the disastrous Battle of Ugani, Olgliva was gravely wounded, and suffered several permanent scars along his legs and eyes. Despite this, he was victorious in his quest to unite the 6 tribes, and reigned as the first king of the newly-formed Blivon.
During his Blivonic reign he generally did little compared to his tenure as the Lotaoian king. He oversaw the reformation of the military and the rebuilding of several war-torn towns (some, like Gauharn, were considered too dangerous and destroyed to be rebuilt). He reigned for only 27 years as king of Blivon, and most of his time was spent focusing on infrastructure and water and food management. He died on 12 Heta-Eimarae, 22861 AYM.


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