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The country of Lotao was a kingdom that was formed in 24997 AYM and disbanded in 22888 AYM. It was the earliest of the 6 Tayzem Tribes, and is most known for uniting the 6 tribes in what is known as the Tayzem Campaign. From 24963 to 22891 AYM it occupied the northwestern part of the Tayzem Region, separated from the other 5 Tayzem Tribes by the Arbin Mountain Range. Its capital city was Xievre, located southeast of the Merios Lake.


The monarchy of Lotao was formed in 24981 AYM as the tribe's population neared 2,000, and Ivaegoss of the Fariniath Family became the first king of Lotao until 24811 AYM. The following is the line of kings from Ivaegoss all the way to Olgliva, the last king of Lotao.
Ivaegoss (24981-24811 AYM)
Auvarnall (24811-24749 AYM)
Hemrott (24749-24674 AYM)
Ernollutt (24674-24571 AYM)
Imastog (24571-24397 AYM)
Auvran (24397-24314 AYM)
Fyrwnat (24314-24261 AYM)
Lauphaen (24261-24113 AYM)
Sautarm (24113-23901 AYM)
Taddvel (23901-23893 AYM)
Radruc (23893-23618 AYM)
Dazskar (23618-23389 AYM)
Irmaphu (23389-23177 AYM)
Kivajir (23177-22953 AYM)
Diaphon (22953-22892 AYM)
Olgliva (22892-22888 AYM)


The kingdom of Lotao was formed in 24997 AYM by the Fariniath family, a noble family from the original tribe of Elironid, as they left the Elironid tribe and settled just east of the Arbin Mountain Range. However, the presence of bandits and local gangs forced them to move west to the Tayzem Region, and they settled on the coast of the the Merios Lake. As their population grew, and more and more tribes settled alongside them, the different groups created and signed the Tayzem treaty in 24963 AYM; as part of this treaty, the Fariniaths, because they settled on the Lake first, were able to attain possession of the lake and its surrounding land, all the way up to the northwestern coast. The Fariniaths named themselves Lotao somewhere between 24997 and 24963 AYM; to this day the meaning of this name is unknown.
Because of the size of the Lake and the various ocean currents prevalent inside, its nutrients were extremely bountiful and supplemented the Lotaoian citizens with abundant harvests. This created dissent in the minds of Lotao's neighbors, especially during a series of droughts that occurred from 23010-22977 AYM. This tension between the tribes escalated into a military campaign led by Lotao, which was in retaliation for several attacks on Lotaoian cities.

Tayzem Campaign

In 22891 Olgliva, the Lotaoian king, conquered Nekara, its neighbor to the east, and Pidlous, the Nekarian king, and his forces, agreed to accompany Olgliva in his quest to conquer the rest of the Tayzem Region. Pidlous himself was assassinated days later, and his second-in-command, Arforus, succeeded him. Both parties set their sights on conquering Oragona. Olgliva was able to capture some cities, like Renig and Wagno, before being ultimately chased back to Lotao. Arforus was able to raid one city before accompanying Olgliva back to Lotao. Pinoth, Oragona's western ally, was, during Olgliva's battles, invading Lotao from the south, which Olgliva was able to quell. After a major victory at Jauuvain, Olgliva conquered Pinoth and Oragona. The southern two tribes were easily conquered in the span of around two weeks, thus completing Olgliva's military campaign.


In the Treaty of Urugal, signed at the end of the Tayzem Campaign, the countries of the Tayzem Region would all be disbanded to create a new union, Blivon, which would be ruled by Olgliva and his family as a monarchy.

24997 AYM - 22888 AYM

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