Resin Udan v1

Continuing from my test cast in chocolate, I now feel confident enough to try my first ever resin cast. The modifications to the two part silicone mold were a success and the previous cast in chocolate released fine.  

  I was unable to take any photos during the casting process, as the polyurethane casting resin goes off very quickly and I needed to work fast. It was a 1:1 part ratio so I poured 100g of each into a cup & mixed it up. I poured this into the deeper half of the mold (the head end) until it was full and quickly put the other half on and tightly sealed the two halves with tape.   I continually rotated the mold for 5 minutes and left it to stand for a further 30 minutes before demolding. The bottom half came away fine as always, but there was some excess resin around the join which I had to peel away first before pulling the other half away.   The cast survived! It got into all of the areas and there were no bubbles either! I am really pleased with this! The only problems with this initial cast are that it is front-heavy. This is due to when I poured the resin in & didn't get it moving fast enough, so the head end has become solid whilst the rear half is hollow (this means that it will only rest in one out of it's three positions).  
  There's also a seam of resin around the join area but that can be sanded back easily. You can see the thickness of the resin by shining a torch through it, the hollow areas show the light very brightly, but the solid areas are too dense for it to pass through.  
  My next step will be to try the cast again and make sure to let it sit on the rear end for a longer period of time. I could also try creating a solid cast, or putting a weight inside of the cast. I'll use this first cast of the udan to experiment with different paints.  
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18 Apr, 2018 09:19

I can't wait to see the painted version of your Udan! Will you consider adjusting the antenna of your Udan to make them stand out a bit more? Like using sculpting tools to separe the antenna from the body or would this be too difficult? (I know nothing about sculpting :p )

18 Apr, 2018 09:31

Originally I wanted them to be stuck out more but if I cast them in one go they would get stuck in the silicone mold and would have to be done as separate parts (little bit more complicated and time consuming, as well as fragile!) maybe in the future I will explore this option though! :D

18 Apr, 2018 21:19

Does this mean your first cast was of a pooping Udan :P

19 Apr, 2018 14:12

Yes James, yes it does :P