Nas Gong

Nas Gong is a non contact sport in which two teams compete in a zero gravity arena filled with horizontal and vertical bars. Players use two sickles to propel themselves from the bars and use them to hook and sling the ball through the opponent's goal hoop to hit a huge gong. Goalkeepers have a double ended quarterstaff for further reach to defend the team gong from being struck.


Nas Gong

A team consists of one goalkeeper, two slingers and two defenders. A referee is present to oversee each match. The goalkeeper guards the team gong with the help of the two defenders, whilst the two slingers try to take control of the ball and score a point by hitting the opponent's gong.

Nas Gong is a non contact sport, so it is considered an illegal move to use a sickle on an opponent's body. Two sickles may be interlocked or manipulated.

Players may use their arms, legs and feet to manouver the zero gravity arena as well as their sickles. Physical interaction is strictly prohibited, so players must take caution before propelling themselves or suffer team penalties.

A match is limited to 1 hour long, divided into 20 minute sections. A point can only be scored if the ball passes through the goal hoop and hits the gong. When the time is up, the team with the highest score wins!

Nas Gong Arena Layout

Nas Gong Arena
Nas Gong Arena Key

Intergalactic League

Nas Gong has become hugely popular across the Tiger's Tail Galaxy thanks to famous Nas Gong coach, Dimi, and originated from Mofi in the Kenjao System. The intergalactic league is the biggest sporting event of the year with each team representing an entire solar system. The sport is watched throughout the galaxy and people prepare months in advance to celebrate this great sporting event. National holidays are taken to prepare for the match and fans prepare celebratory food in the shapes and colours of their team logo. Gong cakes are a very popular type of pancake which are traditionally eaten during half-time.

Local Matches

Nas Gong is played by everyone and anyone. Ships with enough space in can shut off a localised gravity field for crew members to play on board. Planet-bound matches take place in dedicated zero gravity arenas, but under-developed regions make do with a gravity based version of Nas Gong using an inflated ball to reduce it's fall speed.

The worst injuries gained during a match are usually fractures from collision
— Nas Gong Facts 2718

In the 2706 Intergalactic League the gravity field malfunctioned for 1.34 seconds before reactivating, causing two players to fall and break their legs.
— Nas Gong Facts 2718

The gongs make a very loud deep resonating sound like thunder and can be heard above the roar of the crowd.
— Nas Gong Facts 2718

Nas Gong Player


Both slingers and defenders use two handheld sickles to control the ball and sling themselves fowards in zero gravity. Sickles are not sharp and are rounded to prevent injury. They also have a width thicker than the gaps on the masks so they can't be hooked.

Nas Gong Goalkeeper


Goalkeepers have a double ended quarterstaff to provide further reach and additional momentum power. Their great reach allows them to quickly manouver back into the goal position to defend their team gong. When occupying the goal a keeper can only just reach the goal hoop by holding one end.


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