Anyone for a chocolate udan?

Continuing from my Mold Making Madness , I am testing my two part silicone rubber mold with chocolate to see if the udan will still get stuck. If it does I'll have to make some adjustments so it releases better.  


500g of the cheapest chocolate I could find, a microwaveable bowl, my mold and some tape


250g of chocolate (minus one square) to be melted, should be enough. I also lubricated the mold with vegetable oil just in case it gets stuck - i'm not sure if this will help or not though


It got stuck. I carefully cut through the head section so that I could pry it apart and release it easier.

  What came out of the mold was quite disgusting. I chilled it in the freezer and the vegetable oil turned white. Also i didn't melt the chocolate properly, so...  



don't actually hold it though

  The chocolate wasn't runny enough and didn't get into the legs properly, and a lot of it snapped off so I am going to clean the mold and try again with the remaining 250g chocolate (I don't want to remelt this as it has extra oil in it now).  

looking promising!


Much better! I clearly missed a few bits in the mold that needed cleaning, and there are a few air bubbles in the chocolate.

  This was much easier to remove from the mold and I feel confident enough to move onto casting in resin later :D  
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13 Apr, 2018 20:13

Have you tried tempering the chocolate? It does wonders for making it cooperate with molds, I've been told.

13 Apr, 2018 20:56

Ooh thanks for this, I'll look into it! For this one I just chucked it in a bowl & nuked it in the microwave for a minute or two, stirring in between.