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The land of the wandering lost

Created by Nathan, owner of Whereintherealms.

Rejikstan (pronounced Rej-ICH-stan) is a broken nation of humans and orcs, governed by the King, Fox Paxcross. It is constantly fighting against itself with many wars between the orc and human populations.



Rejikstan is a nation with few other resources than its extensive mines and excellent trade routes. It serves as a main trade route between Artalia, Kaspia and Margola making money on its toll roads and offering professional protection services on the dangerous trails of the Malicious Expanse.   All non-goblinoid and orc trade caravans must pass through one of the three human cities, Behnermeru, Kalon, Noctillus, to be noted of travel and appropriate tolls taken. Additionally, the nation’s leading miners, Corporation of Minerals, operate a largely profitable scale deep mining company exporting most of its goods to the dwarves in Artalia. Rejikstan’s mines provide the human population with readily accessible weapons and machines from the trade deals with the dwarves. Occasionally the trades are lost to vast clans of orcs in their caravan raids.  


Rejikstan is located in the Malicious Expanse of Brasswrath. The nation is separated from its northern neighbour, the territory of Artalia, by the Falshaw Belt. The Ethereal Peaks perform a similar function in the south, serving as a barrier between the nations of Rejikstan and Artabria. To the west lies the nations of Lidhult and Kaspia separated from Rejikstan by a decimated uninhabitable wasteland known as the Wandering Wastes. The east harbours a much easier to pass border, due to the understanding between the populations of Rejikstan and the empire of Margola. These two entities are divided by nothing but a political understanding of boundaries.   Rejikstan’s own country grounds is dominated by rolling desert, grand canyons and the plains of Hornbill’s Steppe. Canyon Garpar inhabits the Burning Badlands which was created by the Great Life River and provide shelter for life from the plateaus above.  

Major cities

  • Behnermeru
Other Cities
  • Edru
  • Kalon
  • Noctillus
  • Zasima
Smaller Settlements

Geographical Features

  • Falshaw Belt
  • Ethereal Peaks
Rivers and waterways
  • Great Life River
  • Burning Badlands
  • Great Heat Plains
  • Hornbill’s Steppe
  • Illustrious Lake Plain (“The Basin”)
  • Wandering Wastes
Other Features
  • Canyon Garpar


The weather in Rejikstan is reasonably stable and fairly dry through the spring, summer and autumn years. When the winter years start, generally a large volume of rain is experienced leading to the flooding of the Illustrious Lake Plain. The flooded plain freezes over along with many of the rivers in Rejikstan making life very difficult if a water source isn’t found elsewhere. During the spring and autumn years winds bring in a mixture of warm and cold air which create profound thunderstorms that can last months at a time. These thunderstorms don’t always bring rain and when they don’t folklore tells of a great debate amongst the gods happening with neither side shedding a tear.


Rejikstan’s government (and the entity as a whole) is divided between the two main races; @humans(species) and orcs. The humans rule by monarchy under the hand of King Fox Paxcross; however, the orcs rule by tribalism with orc Chieftain Komagak currently in power.  

The Human Monarchy

Main article: Human Monarchy of Rejikstan
  The nation’s human ruling body is a sole person, the King of Rejikstan, currently being King Fox Paxcross. Ruling from the city of Behnermeru, the King inherits the power from the previous ruler. The previous rulers being the late King Clayton Paxcross. The King has several advisors known as the Supreme of Rejikstan who help with all aspects of governing the country, from military assets to foreign relations.  

The Orc Tribes

Main article: Orc Tribes
  The orcs of Rejikstan are a much more hostile entity, their rulings are dictated through force and the leader must be the strongest or at least, the smartest. Ruling through Tribalism, every third year a member from one of the four orc tribes of Rejikstan is elected to fight the current leader to the death. This is to signify not only the change of seasons but is also considered a noble sacrifice to the common orc god, Nulgreth.  

Foreign Relations

Main article: Rejikstan foreign relations
  Rejikstan has solid relations with two of its neighbouring nations, Artalia and Margola. Artalia, being the home of the dwarves, is where most of the mined goods are exported to in return for weaponry, machinery and other resources. Margola is where the human population of Rejikstan originally came from, but due to the constant war with the orcs the Rejikstanian humans have become more corrupt than their neighbours.  

Slavery in Rejikstan

Main article: Mines of Rejikstan
  Although humans aren’t known for enslaving a work force, orcs make good labourers. Orcs that are captured are sent to the mines where they are kept in good health and forced to work six out of seven days a week, allowing for one day in which the orcs are expected to rest and recover from any wounds or strains.   The humans are not tough on orcs in the mines as they understand that working them to breaking point means they must pay a human worker to take the orcs’ place or find a replacement which costs gold. Orcs being almost free labour, having to only pay for their well being and providing food and water, are perfect for optimising profit from the mines. A lot of orcs who are taken to the mines often choose to stay there when they grow too old to swing a pick, taking on the roles of chefs and at best supervisors. This is due to the fair treatment of the orcs and the extended life expectancy in slavery.


See also: Timeline of Rejikstan [TBC]


The region of Brasswrath is home to a lot of life, but one of its most central nations is of the most hostile places, Rejikstan. Formerly known as Drax, Rejikstan was establish when the Margolian Forward Army invaded in 1837 DG, this was after the same army mapped the country over the course of forty-two years starting in 1795 DG. The native population of orcs were hostile and thought hard against the invading threat, both sides suffered heavy losses but eventually the more advanced weaponry of the Margolian Forward Army prevailed.   The invasion was under the command of General Thostru of Westwend, a half-orc strategist. The natives that did not die on the battlefield and were captured were put to work in the mineral rich lands of Rejikstan. In the same year of the invasion Behnermeru was established not far from the Falshaw Belt in the east. By 1872 DG humans dominated a lot of Rejikstan adapting to the extreme climate and established a trade deal with the dwarves of Artalia, documented as the Mineral Prime Accord.  

Burnt Rock Mines

Main article: Mines of Rejikstan
  During the construction of Behnermeru the invasive humans began to run out of resources brought with them from Margola. This prompted mines to be built and after many successful surface mines brought up common ores such as coal and iron the humans decided to try for deeper, more valuable resources. Lanick Paxcross was the first to discover the rich depths of Rejikstan and so started the underground mines known as the Burnt Rock Mines.   From these mines rare and valuable ores such as gold, silver, tin and lead are extracted. After the discovery of mithral and adamantine ores by the humans in 1842 DG, the mines became the biggest source of revenue for the entirety of the country. Mines were set up all over the country using orcs as the primary work force with large stockpiles building up rapidly. When the dwarves learned of this stockpile, being an honourable race, they offered the humans a trade deal as mentioned previously, the Mineral Prime Accord.   The power the mines granted Lanick Paxcross would see him crowned as the first King of Rejikstan. His family’s bloodline still owns the throne to this day. See The Paxcross Kingdom.  

The Garrosh Uprising

Not everyone who lived in Rejikstan believe in the slavery that most of the humans inflicted on the orcs. The movement of slavery lead a small portion of the human population to form bonds with the orcs that were still free, offering to help defend them should the time arise. Many small settlements formed where humans and orcs lived in harmony with inter-racial breeding bringing about the half-orc race in Rejikstan. The majority of the human population that learned of this believed it to be treason and so an army was formed by the human government to rid Rejikstan of these settlements and their new race.   Word got to the settlements of the plans to abolish them through extreme force and so in 1856 DG a militia was formed, the Garrosh Horde. The horde, lead by a half-orc known as Tog Nak, travelled Rejikstan for seven years avoiding the humans that pursue them and building their numbers until eventually the militia believed itself ready to defend its beliefs. In 1863 DG the Rejikstinian army caught up to the Garrosh Horde and a great battle ensued known in history as the Clash of Rejikstan. With the technology of the humans and power of the orcs the Garrosh Horde defeated the army and laid waste to anyone who survived. The horde would go on to form one of the five major settlements of Rejikstan, Zasima, in 1864 DG.  

The Paxcross Kingdom

Main article: Paxcross Family
  The Paxcross family name came into power in 1851 DG, nine years after the creation of the mithral and adamantine rich mines. Lanick Paxcross would become the first King of Rejikstan through the power he held over the nation and its resources through the ownership of the mines. On the 15th of Noxa 1851 DG the coronation of Lanick Paxcross took place with many travelling from all over Rejikstan and Margola to witness the event.   Since the coronation the Paxcross Family have remained in power with the crown being passed down through the generations and some reigns being extended through life magic. However, the power of the crown hasn’t come without struggles however, from the Challenge of the Crown in 1935 DG through to the most recent, Conspiracy of Killing King Clayton Paxcross from 4077 DG to 4079 DG.  


The human population of Rejikstan is primarily of Margolian origin with few other nations traversing to the Malicious Expanse to call it home. Rejikstan is dominantly inhabited by the Sohoi, a subrace of humans that have adapted well to desert conditions. Orcs are the most common non-human race whose origins are only thought to be from the deep dwarves’ Pursuit of the Great Blue. Rejikstan has one of the largest concentrations of orcs in the Brasswrath region.   Rejikstinians are very proud and passionate of their country and the freedom they have. They believe that the Paxcross Family treat all non-orc races fairly and humanely and have begun to extend that equality to the enslaved orcs whom are slowly becoming more of a work force than slaves. Orcs that are put to work under the human rule generally have a higher life expectancy than if they were to stay with their tribes or clans.   Many wars have broken out between the native orcs and humans; over time this has slowly worn away the orc population and motivation to be the most dominating race. The proud people of Rejikstan are determined to make the nation peaceful within itself and promote equality even if it takes force.   Rejikstinians are highly opinionated however, this means that racism although governed against is quite common amongst the population. It also creates many political conflicts when it comes to decision making due to the differing perspectives each individual holds; that being said Rejikstinians all wish to promote peace and equality within the nation. They believe all races have the right to voice their opinion publicly, inclusive of the orcs who are invited to a yearly event known as the Hearing of Rejikstan where all high-ranking political parties formulate a plan to unify Rejikstan in the coming year.   By embracing this position, the Paxcross Family hope to ensure that all races will serve under them in a kingdom.  


Main article: Gnoll
  Gnolls are native to the Malicious Expanse and is possibly seen as the biggest and most dangerous threat to all countries within this territory. Gnolls consider the deserts and savannahs of the world their rightful birthplace and often attack travelling caravans and small dwellings. The attacks don’t always have a purpose, sometimes it is just because the gnolls enjoy the thrill of the kills. Gnolls are numerous throughout the Malicious Expanse and live in tribes of up to a couple of hundred strong.   There are three main tribes in the territory, with Rejikstan being home to the Laughing Claws.  


Rejikstan has three main languages and a few sub-languages. With the main population being human, they speak Margolan(create article for languages of Aerofell). This is followed by the second most common language, Orcish, and thirdly, Gnoll.  


Dragons have been sighted in Rejikstan in several locations, from Canyon Garpar to both the Falshaw Belt and the Ethereal Peaks. In Rejikstan’s history dragon skeletons have been found in the deserted wastes, where it is common for bone hunters to scour the wastes in search of the rare magic imbued bones. Evidence of dragon activity is common place in Rejikstan, with entire herds vanishing overnight, large claw marks being left in the landscape and large shadows in the sky at such a height they cannot be confirmed as anything in particular. The suspected colours of dragons in the area are red, blue and brass, with the evil out weighing the good in diversity. Hidden treasures long lost to the lands of Rejikstan are believed to be what attracts the dragons to the nation, from magical artefacts to lost treasures worth millions.
  • Jackalweres
Jackalweres are Jackals that shape shift into humanoids. They’re considered a very dangerous threat in the Malicious Expanse, often hunting in packs and targeting caravans when the time is right. They’ll hunt a target in settlements, then join on to the caravan and attack when it is least expected.
  • Pugwampi
  • Sand Eels
  • Whirlmaw


The predominant religion for the humans is Asmodeus’s faith, with Nulgreth’s being the dominant faith for the orcs. However, in recent times a shift in human beliefs has led to an uprising of Desna due to her beliefs in fate, freedom and revolution.   Asmodeus finds most of his support to come from people in power, from slavers to evil lawyers. Nulgreth has the support of the blood thirsty orcs, although they are very civilized in comparison to their ancestors, orcs still thrive in the heat of battle. Desna’s increase in worship from Rejikstan has come from the movement to end slavery and to live free, this movement begun with the half-orc, Tog Nak.   Other deities worshipped in Rejikstan include Abadar, Nethys, Calistria and Norgorber.

Protect, serve and progress by sword and shield.

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Empty Reaches
The Drylands
The Basin
Fox Paxcross
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Controlled Territories

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