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Slayer Guilds

When the Mist stirs, or the monsters come sniffing, you call a Slayer Guild.

Demon Hunters

by M. R. Struble
Known as the guild of acceptance, this guild does not discriminate on who joins or takes refuge in their town Sanctium.

Dawn's Protectors

by M. R. Struble
One of the original guilds, now often seen as a puppet guild for the Illuminated Capital.


Silver Crosses

by M. R. Struble
Not much is know about this reclusive guild, tucked away in the Midnight Peaks.

Void Knights

by M. R. Struble
The Slayer Guild who watch over Hollow Void lake protecting the locals from the creatures within its depths.


Before the Founding of the Slayer Guild in 332 BG, monsters were expected to be dealt with by local militia or hunters. While these men and women were skilled in their fields they were not equipped for the new strange and deadly monsters of the world. Monsters were not completely uncommon in Kerravar, but often could be avoided like any common beast. Then the Mist storms started which caused an increase in the variety of new and more savage beasts. With no way to tell where or when the mist would appear once safe havens become dangerous to live.
An attack left (village name) a burnt husk of a town. There were only a handful of survivors lead by two young men, Klyuthin Del Coluso and Wilmeth Del Coluso. The brothers, coming from a long line of hunters and militant families, took up arms and fought their way out of the rubble left by the freakish monster attack.   Together, with the few remaining survivors, they started a group to fight back. They leaned on the knowledge they had about avoiding these monsters, hunting prey, and fighting battles to start learning a better way to fight monsters.   The group would capture monsters alive and experiment on how to best kill them. As the fame grew so did their numbers and requests for their services, thus forming the Slayers Guild. They housed their first guild location near the Dawning Peaks, close to their village that was destroyed.
For generations, the guild functioned from its founding location at Dawning Peaks traveling to locations that the mist showed up at, with only a few small satellite groups that would live in the Capital Cities.
The guild functioned under the belief that they protect human life only until several members spoke out of the unfair treatment of the Faye.

Then with the start of the Faye War tensions became even more strained. One of the founding bloodlines sided with the Faye and after an internal struggle, the guild was disbanded. The proud Slayers Guild ended up breaking into several smaller guilds, all under the Slayer's belief in protecting Glorisa from threats. The main difference between the new guild would be what some considered threats.
The first two guilds to rise were the Demon Hunters focusing on protecting all inhabitants from the new evil known as demons as well as the various monsters the world had.   The other is the Dawn's Protectors, who focus on protecting the human inhabitants from any threats that would come their way. Though sometimes their interpretation of threats could be questionable.   As time went on other groups left the guilds to start their versions of a slayer guild. Often being incentivized by local governments or city lords to protect them from local Mist spots. These guilds often only keep one area protected and don’t travel around looking for requests but rather specialize in the local monsters they find.   A great example of this would be the Void Knights a Slayer guild near Hollow Void lake that is specialized in fighting the various monsters that bubble up from the Mist Spot at the center of the lake.

The blood on our hands, is for the blood of our families

223 BG - 98 BG

Guild, Fighter / Mercenary

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Cover image: by M. R. Struble
Character flag image: by M. R. Struble


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