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Known as Monster Mist, Frightful Fog, Death Cloud, among other names across Kerravar. It is believed this 'mist' started to appear around 444BG and started in the islands west of Burnigrak. It slowly started to appear in other regions of the world in what is referred to as Mist Spots and will also form in what is known as Mist Storms.   The mist brought a variety of new beasts and monsters into Kerravar. Some of these monsters are no larger than a Drakling and don't pose much threat to the inhabitants of Kerravar but then there are the Leviathans which are capable of destruction on a massive scale.    


  There are several places where this mist naturally gathers and can almost always be found and then there are the mist storms. Both occurrences are just as dangerous and can bring all manner of monsters. It is always advised to avoid Mist Spot and run when you see a Mist Storm unless you are a Slayer.    

Mist Spots

  Mist Spots are the areas where you will almost always see mist formed. These locations are considered highly dangerous and off-limits to the public. There will typically be a Slayer Guild located near one of these locations to combat the influx of monsters that emerge from the mist.   The largest spot is in the Broken Isles west of Burnigrak and the once home of the Helcosians. This mist spot takes up nearly all the Galucoian Sea and most of the western islands of the Broken Isles. It has also in more recent years started to encroch on the east shores of Vassalless the eastern most continent.   Then there is the mist spot in the middle of Tumultous Ocean, which has made passage to Burnigrak more treacherous by blocking the sailing straights. Ships coming or going to the Altroshkar kingdom must sail south, below the mist, which brings them dangerously close to Dead Man’s Gate, the pirate islands. This has caused the pirates to rejoice but the merchants to morn.   Altroshkar has a rather large Mist Spot in the middle of the valleys and canyons. This mist spot is said to be home to larger than normal monsters often of class 6-8 with a few class 10 monsters.   The Midnight Peaks are a strange one, with their constant fog and low hanging clouds it is difficult to tell if there are mist spots here or just frequent mist storms. Either way it is advised to avoid this area and leave the monsters to the Silver Crosses.   Both the Bathul Marsh and Lesul Swamp contain Mist Spots but are recorded as having relatively low-class monsters (1-4) at any given time. Even with the Mist Spots, these locations are often scoured for their recourses.   A rarity of a mist spot is the one in the desert of Auyaquay which has a 'roaming mist spot'. This strange anomaly has only been recorded happening in this desert. The spot typically stays to the center of this giant desert and moves north and south. Thankfully it is very predictable and when planned properly easily avoided.   Another unusual Spot is at Hollow Void lake. This mist spot is actually underwater in the deep caverns the are found here. The mist rises up through the spring and bubbles at the center of this lake.    

Mist Storms

  Mist storms are an unpredictable phenomenon that can spring up in any area of the world. They sometimes will form in one area and stay there and other times they will move, almost as if in search of something, to other areas. These storms do seem to keep to certain "favorite" areas but have been known to show up in places that have never seen them before.   The area south of the Auyaquay desert has never had a reported case of Mist. The Hope of Mul Isles and Ocarinor also are Mist free. Kingdom - Lushita has only had a few reports of Mist Storms and they seem to be tame complaritivly speaking. It should also be noted that Dead Man's Gate has claimed to never had a Mist Storm there, as well as the Spine Islands.   The Thinkers Guild and the Guild of the Arcane have debated long about what might causes these phenomenons to not occur in some areas while devastation others. They do not seem to be related to weather patterns nor do seasons seem to change their frequency.


In areas that have not seen Mist Storms, they often imagine it looking similar to fog, blocking out the sky but with the sun shining through. Often they believe it must act similar to fog and will dissipate with the sun. These are misconceptions and have led to panic in some areas over normal fog. Mist does have some properties similar to fog, and it is possible it has a semblance of water vapor that gives it a fog-like appearance.   Mist lays thick on the ground, being of a substance much denser than the air. It does not seem to be toxic as the only death reported from people caught in the mist is from what comes out of the mist. It seems to swirl and dance of its own accord, moving on unseen or felt currents. Mist is often accompanied by a fog-like or vapor-like substance that does hinder sight and block out the sky but after research, it has been determined they are not one and the same. It is believed the 'fog' is a result of the Mist but the Mist can exist and has been recorded without 'fog'.   Mist seems to get thicker and rise higher the closer one gets to the center. While very few have ever attempted to explore this mist reports from Slayers who have fought in these areas have confirmed this. One said they saw a shimmering light from whence the monsters came. This would confirm our other beliefs of this strange anomaly.   The undeniable way to know if a manifestation of Mist has occurred is the shimmer, not a reflection of the sun either, this is almost a glow that radiates from the center of the mist. This shimmer only emits from the mist and not the accompanying 'fog', which may reflect the colors of the shimmer but does not shimmer itself.   The Guild of the Arcane is working with the Demon Hunters Guild to try and initiate an expedition into one of the calmer Mist Spots to properly explore these theories. With luck, we will get approval from both guilds and be able to make some vital discoveries into stopping them.

Metaphysical, Supernatural
Klyuda’s Notes
As the one who is proposing the request to the guild heads to explore a Mist Spot, I am hopeful we will be permitted my request. I know there was some hesitation but if we could learn how to close or stop these aberrations from occurring it would be life-changing.

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Cover image: by M. R. Struble


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