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Session 2: Free as the River

Session 2

Written by Turboman.

General Summary

On the 29th of Goldsun, the party woke to a cool summer morning. They did not get the best sleep without bedrolls, and woke to find that much of their supplies had been taken, gone with the mysterious beastmaster. Soon after they were caught by surprise as Gaetano Tancredi introduced himself. The rest of that day was spent hunting nearby mountain goats, and gathering resources for survival crafting. With four members taking watch, the party slept through the night, only hearing owls and coyotes. The next day the party continued crafting, and further explored the river and mountainside. Gaetano made a fishing rod, managing to catch five salmon, while Traxez and Arven cut down a pine tree for cheap materials. Venturing out further to hunt, Arven, Claude, & Gaetano came upon six moose, managing to kill and drag two of them back to their river camp. That night was filled with crafting, masticating, and relative comfort. Waking on the 31st, the party was once again surprised, this time by a band of dwarf rangers! The party explain they were only attempting to survive after breaking free from barbarian capture, and escaping a horrific monsters attack. Knowing the legends, the dwarf leader, Bandrami Bitterchest, told the party what they had encountered was a Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature that may have once been human. Although the party was mostly ragged, the dwarves did not see them as a threat, and offered them shelter in their dwarf bunker higher up the mountain. Braving the increased elevation, and lowered temperatures, the party followed the seven dwarves to their bunker. Entertained with stories, and warmed by food and drink, the party relieved stress as many fell fast asleep in their cramped dwarf cubbies. Inquiring for both work and a way south, they were given a light crossbow, dagger, and shield in preparation for clearing out a dwarf river tunnel overrun by goblins. Claude & Nadja stayed up late under the watch of the pipe smoking Bandrami, discussing the possibility of eating goblin flesh. Bandrami proceeded to tell the two that he had tasted goblin flesh, but only as a means of survival on the cold mountains. Passing out, the party rested in the security of the dwarf mountainside bunker. Groggily waking up on the 1st of Redmoon, Bandrami wished them luck as they left the bunker, proceeding down the mountain and towards the dwarf tunnel. After 8 hours and 24 miles of travel, they peered through the scattered pines along the river, seeing three goblins at the tunnel entrance. Sneaking up, the party quickly ended the goblins with a series of arrows, bolts, and spear thrusts. Nadja cut the goblins left ears off for payment while their meager belongings were looted. Gaetano began investigating the dwarven stone doors as the party prepared to enter the overrun tunnels...

Rewards Granted

Travois, Bedroll (4), Rustic Fishing Rod, Bone Spear (3), Stone Handaxe, Cheap Pine Bow, Moose Hides (6/8 hide), Light Crossbow, Steel Bolts (20), Steel Dagger, Rusty Iron Dagger, Stone Spear, & 3 Goblin Ears.

Character(s) interacted with

Bandrami Bitterchest.

Erlia - Low Magic
Report Date
22 Jul 2018

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