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Recipe: Potion of Dream Walking

Potion of Dream Walking

  Scrawled notes on paper, showing the ingredients and items needed for the Potion of Dream Walking.
This private piece usually sits amongst the piles of notes in Salvatore's study but may on occasion find its way into his pocket.
The notes shed no light on the brewing or ritual processes, only what items are needed, along with some illustrations.
The rest likely remains hidden in Salvatore's mind.
by Sarah Thoonen
Guide, How-to

Additional Notes:

  These may be found if an investigation of the study is made, with a successful check at a difficult rating.

Alternatively, Salvatore may reveal this information in conversation or through questioning of trusted companions.

  • Dream fungus is found only in crater areas.
  • Dream fungus causes drowsiness and hallucinations, which can be harnessed for dream walking.
  • Nightshade must be used only in miniscule amounts in comparison to a batch.
  • Lavender flowers only, no stems. Stems dirty the batch and may increase the potential for negative effects.
  • Willow Bark has been crossed out. This was found to make the user more vulnerable in their physical position and take longer to awaken from slumber.
  • Pixie Dust should be used in moderation only and may be addictive to some users. This is a crucial ingredient if the user doesn't wish to fall into a deep and unawakenable sleep.
  • Spring Water must be clear and clean. As with stems of lavender, a dirty batch may increase potential for negative effects.
  • Strawberries are for sweetness only and make the potion more palatable. These can be substituted for any delicious fruit, and grubs or bugs hitching a ride will not impact the potion in any way. They may have the unintentional, but positive effect of adding a little bit of protein to the diet.
  • Dove wings or tails must be white, in contrast to the black of the ravens.
  • Wings and tails are made into large fans, encompassing both light and dark, day and night, and used to fan the potion during brewing, as well as fan away any night sweats the users may experience during their dream walking adventures.
  • Rope is used to bind the hands and feet of the dream walkers, to prevent them going through the motions in real life and hurting themselves or others unintentionally. These must be black, and rituals will reinforce the protective nature of these.

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