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Okiyoura Islands of the lost veil

Ewe 14th day of Phoenix

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Okiyoura is a set of mystical islands surrounded by an Ancestral Veil that shift location every 600 years. The veil that protects the islands becomes accessible to all realms and worlds every 300 years but how long the doors stay open is anyone's guess. Once the doors close those caught outside or inside of the veil are stranded unless they have access to one of the permanent access portals. To gain access to those portals requires the blessings of The Mothers, for this reason, you will find old and new creatures and races on the islands once long thought dead and gone.   The Gods and Goddesses of this world live and work among the people but, no one knows who they really are. Make no mistake they are powerful and choose to live anonymously among their people to better protect them from those on the outside.

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