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Describe the most dangerous apex predator in your world.   Xolm are the most dangerous life on Ogranys, they have an extremely virulent bite that is known to bypass nearly any healing if not administered within a minute of the bite. They are large and extremely careful ambush predators. The Xolm will rarely be seen by anyone as they are exceptionally rare. They tend toward solitary behavior and reproduce asexually. They tend to their young, which they only have a single kit at any given time. They drive them off within 6 months. The Xolm is an eight-legged lizard with extremely effective chromatophores. The venom they produce is full of enzymes that soften the tissues of the prey causing clouting and then gelatinizing the body while maintaining the integrity of the skin.

Basic Information


Eight limbs, a long barbed tail, and curled horns of the head all covered in chromatophores.

Biological Traits

The Xolm can live up to three hundred years, can survive on a three to five large meals each year and can hybernate for around half the year.

Genetics and Reproduction

Asexual reproduction uses RNA folding to prevent genetic stagnation.

Growth Rate & Stages

within a year they are full-grown although they can only reproduce when exposed to extreme magical conditions.

Ecology and Habitats

Can survive in most regions. The slow nature of the creature allows it to optimize its odd while minimizing its impact.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Around twenty thousand calories a month.

Biological Cycle

The Xolm reproduce sparingly, hibernate for half the year, and only need to eat a few major meals a year. Can live up to three hundred years. They metabolize extremely slowly.

Additional Information

Social Structure


Facial characteristics

Long wedge-shaped snout with sharp fangs.

Average Intelligence

Cunning ambush predators.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

dark vision and tremor senses. Can taste the air to track and detect scents.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

A few species of birds have adapted to cleaning the area where the Xolm's prey is devoured.
150 years
Conservation Status
Due to the rarity of the creature they are protected in the northern alliance, the hegemony hires druids to move them away from populated regions.
Average Height
Average Weight
1700 lbs
Average Length
17 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Can vary wildly due to chromatophores.

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