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The Crown of Fangs

Describe a historically significant piece of jewelry in your world. What stories does it carry?   The Crown of Fangs is an enchanted crown created by the first primus of the vampire nation. When he crafted the crown he forced a vow, signed in blood to the leader of all the remaining covens. He claimed a drop of the heart blood from each of the leaders. This bound all the progeny of each vampire line to the crown. Using the power of the crown the primus called all the vampire-kin into the realm of the city of shadows. The Order of the Sanguine Sacrament had used it at one time to control the predation of the vampires and force their agreement to the pact of the sacrament.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The exact combination of spell matrix and runes of the crown is lost. It is believed that each of the "fangs" of the crown contains the heart blood from each of the bloodlines.

Manufacturing process

The platinum is melted into a rune forge and the obsidian dust is slowly added to the metal as it heats. When the metal is heated and combined it is quenched in the blood. This billet is the fed into the spell furnace and imbued the first spell. It is returned to the runeforge still hot and formed into a rough crown. The crown is them returned to the spell furnace where the second spell is used to imbibe the hearts blood of the high priest. The final spell is imbued at this point, and it goes into the rune forge one final time, where runic inscriptions bind all the magics into its final form. When the hearts blood of the vampire lords are added, the geas is bound to the crown.


The Crown of Fangs has long been used to control the predations of the Vampiric species. For a time it fell into the hands of the order, though it has been lost again by an event that is unknown to the public. It has surfaced from time to time but soon after each instance, it has disappeared again.


This crown changed the flow of history. The vampires were running rampant, and the Primus knew that the only possible result of this was either the death of all the other species or the death of the Vampire-kin. When the order acquired the crown they actually created a generally better social situation for the vampires.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Creation Date
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Related Condition
only one
55 ounces of pure platinum
11 inches high by 8 inches diameter
Base Price
775,000 gp
Raw materials & Components
Platinum, obsidian dust, blood, heat metal spell, the vampiric touch spell, Geas spell, and the blood hearts blood of a high priest freely given.
A rune forge and spell furnace.

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