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The Amber Gold

In the city of Isondale you can find the Amber Gold. It is a Tavern that was opened after the bakery that once stood in the same location. The Amber Gold specializes in a variety of beverages made from kinds of honey specially harvested. The flagship drink of the Amber Gold carries the same name. It is a maple honey mead, aged for nine months in a cherry wood barrel. The proprietor, a [kin born named Don Flirksic Grenemon, is preparing to reopen the Bakery in the adjacent lot. Perhaps as an expansion on the Amber Gold, as the business has been booming. The people of the town have been in an exceptionally happy mood with the change in governance.   The secret of the Amber Gold's success, be it the former Bakery or the more recently established Tavern/brewery is that the owners have each in turn been approached by a clan of fey that lives in the nearby woods. The clan, which is composed of several families of grigs, malixies, and pixies, lead by a family of sprites. The deal for the services of gathering a wide and unusual variety of honey from both the nearby forest and even the occasional honey from The Feiry. In return, the fey are allowed to leave tokens to attract those who would make deals in the Tavern( the bakery would often have the tokens added to the packs of outgoing goods). The tavern has been the host to many deals with the fey in this way.  
the banner in the image is from the pizabay
  The Tavern has recently had a stretch of extremely good business due to a new Inn that opened down the street, The Bunny Lass. You can find a warm bed and pleasant company nearly any night there.

Purpose / Function

A place to find delicious beverages and food. It also acts as a front from which fey bargains are made.


Ground floor in seventy by fifty, thirty-five hundred square feet. The second floor is sixty by fifty, three thousand feet. and the top floor is the private quarters of Don Flirksic Grenemon and is forty by forty, sixteen hundred feet. The basement levels are both fifty by fifty, twenty-five hundred feet, and use and are accessed by stairs at the back of the building.


The main access to the building is a pair of reinforced double doors with a reinforced lock.

Sensory & Appearance

The building is pleasant and clear, with a underlying scent of honey and cooked meats.


Don Flirksic Grenemon the owner of establishment, lives on the top floor. He has a half fairy dragon cat that "lives" with him named Zalu. It keeps the pest out for honey treats.

Contents & Furnishings

tables, chairs, a bar.


Mead, Honey, tokens of the fey.

Hazards & Traps

Tokens of the fey. Occasionally animated honey from the feiry.


A brickwork building with arched windows and doorways, the bricks are amber, and the windows tinted a dark yellow-brown. The building is three stories tall and has a two-leveled basement. The roof is tiled in red.


  • 02/02/3150: Don Flirksic Grenemon purchases the lot after the fire. 
  • 07/02/3150: Upon completion of construction, received a request for a meeting. 
  • 07/05/3150: Met with the clan leader of the fey, Sunflower the sprite. 
  • 07/10/3150: The deal is reached with the clan. 
  • 07/02/3151: "Grand opening" of the Amber Gold. 
  • 09/02/3151: The first deal. 
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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Mar 17, 2022 08:06 by Mikael Jokela

I really enjoy the fact that a ship has been named after the tavern! It is rare to see sci-fi themed taverns in the competition, but it is a welcome surprise! Were you thinking of adding more beneath each headline? The article seems a little slim with only a few sentences between each.

Mar 18, 2022 06:01 by Robert

Thanks for the like and comment. As for my article I plan to expand it more now that I have made a map, most likely by creating a menu, and maybe a couple hooks to go with its themes.

Mar 26, 2022 15:20 by Edward Moraine

"I was there, drank mead and yet Barely got my whiskers wet."
— The Tale of the Dead princess and the Seven Knights, by Alexander Pushkin
  I would like to be there to drink honey near the forest of fairies. It's sad that I'm destined to drink cheap beer from the local store.   Great article, good luck!

"Время сводит на нет любое богатство, как и вообще все в этом мире, ибо даже казалось бы вечному камню на деле отмерен свой срок..."
- Говард Лавкрафт
Mar 26, 2022 19:16 by Robert

I know how you feel. I actually am trying my hand at mead and its shocking how expensive local honey is.

Mar 29, 2022 20:58 by Michael Chandra

Oh that menu sounds delicious. And so does that signature drink.

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