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blaze Spike Cacti

A large breed of Cacti that grows in the deep desert. This cactus produces extremely concentrated uric and formic acid in fine crystalline hairs all over its surface and the thorns are larger versions of this. It is said that the prick of these thorns have long lasting repercussions. The skin beneath this is waxy and the body can store great deals of water. The skin is thick and the flesh of the cacti is sweet and cooling. They are commonly used in the frontier to protect the area near a home because despite the potent defenses, they are easy to grow. The thick skin of the cacti can be used to make a waterproof barrier that can be used for many purposes. From water skins or canteens up to waterproofing a house.

Basic Information


Large green and round. With blooms growing at the top of the blooms. can spread out and share a root system with other cacti to share excess water.

Biological Traits

The Blaze Spike Cacti can continue to grow for up to 20 years, they increase in size by about one percent until they reach a size of ten cubic feet.

Genetics and Reproduction

Flowers to spread pollen and receive pollen. seeds are spread by a small pressurized launch from water vapor built in the seed pouch.

Ecology and Habitats

Deserts are preferred, but can be grown anywhere as long as it does not get to much water.

Additional Information


Grown in small pots are a decorative piece

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Can be eaten, stores large amounts of water, the skin has many uses as it is water proof and fairly durable. the needles can be used to sew, can be used for darts, and can also be used in traps. Can be planted in arid areas to block off an area or as a water accumulator.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

naturally grow in deserts.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

18 years
Conservation Status
seeds are sold in farm supply stores and general stores.
Average Height
Six to ten feet tall
Average Weight
up to 930 lbs
Average Length
Six to ten feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Green with tan thorns.

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