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An unfortunate letter to Marria

This is an example of why Styli of Impressions can be good or bad. This letter led to a divorce, a duel, and a distraught 'new' couple.   "My dearest Marria,     With the light of love as my guide I weave my thoughts for you.     With sensual velvet kisses, with flames of passion, with lustful burning eyes I bathe this canvas in my love-soaked thoughts for you, and only you.     What human being would not appreciate such shimmering green emeralds which you have for eyes? Emeralds are worth a lot of money and if you are ever in debt at least you can sell the ones in your eyes. I heard they even use them in spells. Your eyes are so enchanting its magical. Your gorgeous, rich red hair is something which amazes me, even though I've seen it many times. It looks like a sea of rose blossoms, and smells twice as sweet. Your hair is a lot nicer, my love.     I've dreamed of walking along the beach with you. Just the two of us alone, walking along while the sun sets. I know there's always the fear of not finding our way back in the dark but fear not my love, for the light of my love shines like the day's sun. I really must tell you though, I absolutely adore your gorgeous eyes! I think if the Goddess created something truly amazing, then its definitely your eyes! I know some people say the same thing about horses and giraffes, but I think your eyes exceeds anything else!     My love, you know what would look hot and vibrant on that beautiful body of yours? Black lace! Oh God, if I saw you wearing those I would simply explode into a heap of sparks with joy! It would light up my eyes like the happiest of moments in my life to see this.     With every breath in my body and every fibre of my soul, I wish you a velvet kisses drenched, and love-soaked day.     Eternally loving you, with flames of desire, Willian"   The letter was found by her Husband, Jack Defrang, and the results were not pretty. The impressions in the paper proved the letter true, and Marria a adulterer. The divorce was ugly, the duel with Willian ended with him crippled, and Jack had a prenuptial agreement signed.

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