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The Wall

The next article is taken from the book "The Wonders Of Malkuth" written by Delvin Brassbeard   The Wall is truly astounding as if the gods of law and order made it be used as a line to split the continent, nothing can pass on land from the north to the south or verse versa without going through here. Well, what is the wall I hear ya asking? Well, first of all, start living outside more because everyone and their mother should know about it!   The Wall is the largest mountain range in the continent leading from one sea to the other. It is in The Fringes and resembles the edge of it before Midring starts. Damn the wildlife and races located in here, from the otherworldly invading spider merchants Cipir to dragons, wyverns, eldritch abominations, fascist wizards and, oh my, I can go on forever but sadly can't do so. While I would have loved to explore every nook and cranny of this wonder I was reminded by my trusted apprentice Frank that our goal is to reach Midring before Sunday; when a red storm would strike and make it impossible to traverse it for days. Don't worry! We will write about it once we reach it, but don't you dare skip pages in the book to read about it or yall miss some of our best adventures! Here are things and locations of interest in The Wall for ya  

Locations Of Interest

Kirin Fort

  Where do I even begin? Well, the name might be a good start. While you would usually say "Fort Kirin" the catchy nickname became Kirinfort, pronounced together with no space in between the words. Well, the second most astounding thing is its residents, the Cipir; Arachnoid creatures from a different world, and the best part is that they can talk! They mostly function as neutral traders in the continent not going into politics. They are odd folks and pretty secretive bout their culture and doings, they are smart I'll give em that. But I'm annoyed I can't talk much with em and ask questions! They respond with something like "Wise men don't seek pitfalls" or some balrag crap like that!   Well, I stopped pestering em, Franky was having some weird sights and was afraid. He thought he saw a Cipir like creature at night looking at him through the window at the tavern we stayed at; kids and their imagination huh? Well, I'll tell you about the place itself now. Previously called Fort Kirin, the name should be obvious to what it was before it became a city, and it was a very important one at that. You see, as I said before its hard to pass through The Wall, but Kirin Fort is one of the only places one can go through the wall easily, it is in the exact middle and as such is a valuable strategic point in the grand scheme of the continent. I mean in the first conflict the only way one of the sides could pass an army on land to the other side was through Fort Kirin.   Although the war history of this city its fairly passive and peaceful now in the grand scheme. It's war value dropped since the United Wizard cities been almost but driven to extinction. Now its nothing more than a trader city, and an amazing one at that, if you are searching for a peculiar item or want to reach Midring, I highly recommend this city as your passing point. Although I will warn the Cipir aren't the friendliest and pretty creepy in their manners, make sure not to insult them, they remember things pretty well and pay people back in kind for bad actions. Though they don't return for good actions, greedy spiders I tell ya.  


  Oh, home sweet home, I can go and rumble on about my home city, but I think it isn't that much a place of wonder and adventure, although if you are looking for a warm place to stay at I surly will advise it as one. Karakazar is at the western half of The Wall a few kilometers from Iron Peak. It's populated by dwarves and is a well-developed city, selling wares such as weapons and tools on masse.   If you are an aspiring smith, Karakazar might be your dream coming true, it has the largest most high-quality forges in this whole continent. Not even giants can rival us in their size! The forges light this whole underground city, in the middle of it a river of lava constantly streams from a tall point in a wall, crossing the whole city until reaching the Fire Chasm where no mortal may enter; its heat is used to light up our forges so the smiths can bend iron into wonderous creations.   Oh oh! I almost forgot the fact that yes, dwarven ale is the best ya can find friends. So if ya came to see skilled artisans at their work or drink your mind out, Karakazar is the place for ya!  

Iron Peak

  Em, well... This is going to be tough for me, seeing the relations between the two dwarven clans. Hm, no matter what I say people would skewer me for any bad thing I say here, and I prefer to avoid silly conflicts. To summarize Iron Peak, it's like Karakazar, do have better ale though. Both clans are working together against Lich Towers in a forced coalition right now, some politics... Damn, that is boring and annoying! Let's move on to the better stuff!

  Lich Towers

Franky forced me to write about this one, damn bastard! But he got a point, I got to explain every location of interest, and trust me you cant go bad by insulting with those Memzers!   Imagine the worst, most honorless, most evil! Most spineless idiots, and quintuple it! Add a spoon of fascism and one of necromancy and you get Lich Towers. Those parasites have been a pain in our dwarven arses for a while now! They moved in ten years ago and settled near us. We in our kindness asked those balrags kindly to move their arses somewhere else, but they insulted us instead! So now we fight those necromancer idiots.   If you ever think about going to Lich Towers, stop thinking. The place stinks from necromancy and rotting undead, they are unwelcoming and are the scum of the earth! I give them the worst review I can, nothing can top them on being crappy! I would give 100 gold coins to anyone who could prove me wrong!  

Eerie Peak

  Now we get to see more of The Wastes' influence on locations. Eerie Peak as one can guess by name is a mountain, it was a fairly uninteresting place until The Wastes were created. Above the mountain is a black circle with light coming from its brim. It is huge! And gives off the atmosphere as if you were in an eclipse, that is not the scary part though! You see, the whole top quarter of the mountain is made completely of pure untainted iron. And even scarier the village on the mountain and all of its villagers have turned into iron! Even the animals in the surrounding area became iron statues.   I know some of you want to go up there, but I advise against it. First of all, it is an off-limit zone by the Red Ranger's book of regulations. That is because anyone who stays up there long enough will slowly become weaker and will be filled with the feeling of nausea, it has been determined that long exposure is lethal. To summarize it, it's like the mountain has a miasma of sorts which kills you in an unknown way. I got the chance to watch the mountain from a distance, it certainly looks odd, with its silvered top that is covered with a dark shade in broad daylight. I would advise watching it at night from a fair distance, it looks beautiful at those hours    


  Well, The Wall is a dangerous place, and I would not advise walking around in The Fringes in general. But if you are looking for some odd adventure I would recommend it, stay away from mountain hiking or from going near Lich Towers. Dangerous monsters lurk in those mountains, from your average monsters to territorial wyverns and strigoy cults.   In our two month stay at it, we saw most things one can see and walked all through it, even seeing a wyvern up close with its stinger tail! never get close to them though! The venom of a wyvern will corrode through you in seconds and their bite and raw strength will crush a human. We, of course, stayed away from Lich Towers, that cursed place, and Franky got to drink some dwarven ale and joined a drinking tournament. Our next passage would be about Midring, be ready for ethereal horrors and wonders!

The Wonders Of Malkuth is a well-known adventure book talking about the journey of Delvin Brassbeard and his half-elf apprentice, Frank Silverleaf. The book is used by scholars, nobles, and people who are just curious about the wastes. The journey takes over a course of two years and is separated to sections. The next article is their section about The Wall
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The Fringes

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Hello ! Nice article you have here. It is full of interesting information, and you have a nice writing style.   You do have a few grammatical/punctuation mistakes throughout the article, or things that sound a bit weird to me ("I can go on forever but sadly can't do so" >> "I could go on forever"; "where do I even begin, well the name is a good start" >>> Where do I even begin ? Hmm... The name might be a good start."... ) You also sometimes repeat some words a bit much, like in " I can go and rumble on about my home city, but I think it isn't that much a place of wonder and adventure, but if you are looking for a warm place" the words "but" are really close to one another.   Otherwise, I like the information we have there. I think the name sound a bit "recent", like the places were named not so long ago. I do prefer this sort of names that make sense than some "old" names that aren't related to anything, though.   Finally, I really liked the internal point of view you showed here. It really feels like we are reading a very opinionated dwarf's journal, and that's pleasant to read.   If I may add a last suggestion, perhaps you could put some parts of the article in a quote block? To indicate that it is directly taken from the Delvin Brassbeard's journal? That may not be necessary though, since the entire entry is from that journal.