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The Fringes

You see those lines over there, don't touch them unless you wish to get a sudden heart attack
— Gulliman to a ranger
the further you get from the epicenter of the Wastes the less chaotic the land becomes, and at the edge lie The Fringes. considered to be the only hospitable part of The Wastes Containing four cities and the biggest mountain range in Malkuth.   There are some villages in the area, although the taxes are way lower in those parts living in them is harsh, as logic usually works for the worse for no reason and some of the aberrations of chaos like to reside in places near human life, for example, the Strigoy and the horrid Bauba.  


  The Fringes are big as a small country having a lot of different environments. From mountains to swamps to grass plains to forests and deserts.  

Flora & Fauna


Crows - Most known for being the symbol of The Red Rangers. Crows are the only normal animal that lives and flourishes in The Wastes. Many wizards and researchers are dumbfounded by the innate ability of crows to sense anomalies before and as they occur, because of that useful nature many rangers take crows with them when they set out into the wastes.     Strigoys - The most common and problematic aberration of the wastes, appearing all over it. Strigoys are very bulky tall humanoid creatures with red skin that look half-bat half-human. Some of them hold the intellect to be spell casters and create organized cults of strigoys that are hunted down by The Rangers. They are made when a human is exposed to too much to the radiating chaos from the rifts that tend to open up in the wastes they slowly lose their body and mind and become nothing more than rabid animals that slowly kidnap more and more humans to rifts to turn them into what they are.     Cyclops Urchins - Feared by sailors for the ferocity and their aggression, the screech of a Cyclops Urchin is nothing to sneeze at when fairing the sea. Urchins have many sharp long needles covering their body and one big eye that moves around angrily, they're size can range from two meters to the ridiculous size, in the example of the underwater city Ur-Chain residing in a dead one. Although by their chaotic nature and look, you would think they originated in the Wastes, yet, they were in The Calm Sea before the cataclysmic even which created the Wastes. The venom of their needles is known to be magical in nature causing people to forget, remember and know stuff they shouldn't. Because of that, the wizards tried to find a way to control it as amnestic or as a font of knowledge. That sadly resulted in the birth of the highly addicting drug The Urchin's Kiss     Flesh Mounds - Remnants of war, Flesh Mounds are made of the corpses of the unwilling enemies of Lich Towers. A constant stream of eyes flesh and mouths that swirl around each other, Flesh Mounds are known to be aggressive toward anything that moves, always looking to eat to sate their infinite hunger. All of the mounds in the Wastes are known to be near Whitemane where the battles that they were used were taken.     Crossers - Called like that because of their legs being so long that they make cross when they run. Crossers have the lower body of a horse and the top of a human attached in the middle in a weird ninety degrees angle, the only feature on their head is a big eye. known to travel in herds and only attack when being threatened or when they see a horse, as they mistake it as one of their kind trying to challenge their territory.     Pseudo-Dogs - Although looking like a dog from a distance, every Ranger knows that no dog can live in the Wastes. Pseudo-Dogs, as the name implies, may look like a dog but they are furless and they have faces protrude beneath the belly, with their body having the shocking ability of opening up to release spined tentacles to catch and hold a pray still. The most notable feature is their head, with its flesh being so weak it almost looks like liquid with big eyes always twitching and angry. Pseudo-Dogs do travel in packs and tend to tear their prey apart limb from limb with their powerful jaws and tentacles     Banshees - Known for their horrid shriek, a Banshee arrival is announced by flocks of crows flying around. A Banshee looks humanoid in shape but has a crow skull as its head hiding a decomposing human one in it, covered by a black cloak hiding their weird features. The hands of a Banshee are three black long sharp fingers. Banshees are known to attack only if disturbed at their nests, protecting their young. A Banshee can't really do much more than shrieking but it sure is enough in most cases causing people to slowly lose their mind as each shriek takes away from their sanity.     corpse collector - The mechanical force of Lich Towers. The Corpse Collectors only objective is to go around looking for fresh material, alive or dead, to impale on their backs and bring back to Lich Towers to join their great undead force. Also noteworthy the golems can fend off opponents very well using they're paralyzing breath and many sharp instruments.     Baubas - Also known as Child Eaters, Baubas are terrifying creatures that stalk the villages at the fringes. A Bauba is a terrifying sight, a very tall pale thin woman with another head with two hands and two legs coming from its chest. Baubas hands are extremely long, ending in sharp fingers. It isn't known why they specifically only eat children but they are efficient in hiding being able to fold their bodies to fit tight spaces like under beds or in closets.  


  Hanger Trees - Unlike most of the plants in The Fringes, Hanger Trees are carnivorous. They get their namesake from having long nooses hidden in the ground, waiting for prey to step in them, and then they pull them up upside down and slowly suck nutrients out of them. Hanger Trees despite sounding terrifying aren't really dangerous to humans, they may make you fall but they can't lift you up because of the weight.     Grass - Although grass wouldn't be unique anywhere else, The Wastes contain no grass but in The Fringes. Surprisingly as well the grass didn't change at all by the chaos effects.   There aren't anymore unique plants that are noteworthy in The Fringes.    

Notable Places

  Lich Towers - The horrid necromancer city, the home to the arch-lich Sigman and his followers. The city as the name implies is filled with many tall mechanical towers spiking over the green fog, with many gears and lightning going in the machinery. Currently, at all-out war with the dwarf cities Iron Peak and Karazak, Lich Towers looks to advance their technology and troops at any given moment. Having their own rangers The Draculers they are well known to compete with The Red Rangers and fight them.     Iron Peak & Karakazar - The only two dwarven cities, only recently uniting to fight Lich Towers after they resided near them and with a warlike attitude insulted them. While during The First War they were natural, they do look to join Gwind to defeat Lich Towers and Antek, only issues are political messes and agreements never letting an alliance to be born.     New Myrefall - The only city Gwind has in the Wastes, the formal post of The Red Rangers. Most of its trade goes through the sea as transporting cargo in The Wastes is far more dangerous on land than in the sea. The city itself has a big issue of many renegade wizards residing there from the time of The First War     Whitemane Forest - The only Forest in The Fringes, also called The Wailing Forest by the Rangers, because of the inordinate amount of Banshees that live and breed there. The forest itself is huge and only grows in size since The Cataclysm. Many rangers think they should burn it as it just contains horrors that breed and is getting closer to civilization, but Whitemane opposes the idea as the woods are important to them. It is also rumored that The Banshee queen is hiding somewhere in there.     The Wall - The biggest mountain range in Malkuth. The name comes from the mountain range blocking completely any passage between the south and north, which causes issues for those wishing to go between them. It also contains the two dwarven cities and Lich Towers. The Wall creates a choke point giving easy passage only from the middle point where Fort Kirin is built at      


Although having far fewer Anomalies then in the deeper part of The Wastes, The Fringes still have a mediocre chance to cause an anomaly to appear. It has a big amount of them spread out, for example, White Lines And Locked Spaces which are quite dangerous on their own.   Luckily for whoever lives in The Fringes, a Red Storm can't reach them as they are far enough for its force to dissipate. Although the Glowing orange lines in the sky that usually signal a Red Storm are still visible.  


  • If you have been wondering The Red Rangers currently have eight outposts spread out in there for when they travel it
  • The Calm Sea is considered to be a horrible place financially, as the only living creature in it is Cyclops Urchins, making most stuff in it invaluable
  • Yes it may be called The Wastes but it's only a reference to how most of it is inhospitable, it actually has many forests and green hills as well as deserts and mountains

A Strigoy attacking a village
by from Ancient Blood by robert earl
A Strigoy attacking a village
A Bauba
A Bauba
Included Locations

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6 Mar, 2019 12:47

A good variety of monsters lurking in your place. But I hadn't gotten a clear idea on just what the 'Fringes' look like? What sort of resources could possibly be taxable in these settlements you mentioned?

6 Mar, 2019 12:55

thank you for the comment, the fringes kinda ironicly look normal grass grow forests are there with mountains etc. about your question well the taxes are there welp because they live there and are offered protection by the red rangers going around

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
6 Mar, 2019 19:31

Ok. ima just go through a couple grammar things. These things are not necessarily wrong. It all depends on your world, which I have yet to see.     So the first thing is strigoy which if I'm not mistaken is the same name of slavic vampire right? Is there a reason for the spelling change. Its fine if you prefer it with a Y just wanted to check cause I have always seen it spelled strigoi.   " With the further, you get from Dismal the less chaotic the land becomes."   Things like this pop up throughout the article and I'm curious what its really saying. Is the further a place or concept? Should it be capitalized as a proper noun? Is dismal a place given that it is capitalized? If dismal is a place id remove that comma and remove the word with. :) it makes it more readable.     I'd definitely give it a good proofread but enough about grammar. Lets talk about these awesome beasties. I love the variety you put in the wildlife and I would like to know more about them in particular, maybe even have their own articles at some point. You take some of them and even change up the lore behind whayninspired them. nice job on that. Your description of the locations are pretty cool as well. I especially the clocktowers. They seem a tad out of place which also seems to be fitting for this strange land.   My question here is interaction. If these beasts are found all over, how do they coexist? Are they activly against one another in competition for food and such? Do they have their own places in the surrounding ecosystems or are they in a sense not supposed to be there, and disrupt the ecosystem?

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6 Mar, 2019 20:08

I'm sorry about my grammar you are completely correct about it, I'm using Grammarly and I must have not noticed this dumb comma it suggested. the strigoy thing was a mistake but I will keep it after all it doesn't really change it much.   now to the juicy stuff, about your question the banshee forest, for example, is almost desolate because of the banshees scaring and killing all who comes too close will probably have a chance to piss off a banshee and even rangers don't want to do that as while you can dodge most attacks a psychic scream is one thing you cant. pseudo dogs basically eat all they find edible and easy enough to kill. they are ferocious and come in packs so most things run away or avoid them. except for banshees or the collectors. Baubas are the weakest having no way to really fight most horrors in the land so they stick to villages .   corpse collectors are the usually issue though as they hunt anything that lives and usually paralyzes it and snaps its neck or smashes it to a pulp while it cants dodge them.   and crossers while being the weakest at mono on mono are in herds so piss off one and you got 30 horse people trying to punch you or stomp you to death etc etc   it may have been a good idea to show their interactions but you know the article is about the place not about the monsters.   sorry for the text wall thanks again for the criticism

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
6 Mar, 2019 20:37

Not at all man. I don't mind it. I used to use grammerly and I ran into that same alot. Thanks for clearing it up. Your right on keeping the monsters and places seperate. I just noticed it and thought I'd ask. Ecosystem is often overlooked. Lol you are quite welcome and thanks for sharing your work! :)

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Anna Elizabeth Boyett
8 Mar, 2019 03:00

Just a reminder that we tend to discourage critiquing grammar, syntax, and spelling unless the author explicitly asks for it, since many of our members are from all over the world <3

8 Mar, 2019 11:27

I don't mind my grammar criticized it is a part of a writer job to know his words, but I do agree that way of delivering words, composition and the believability of the world is important as well when criticizing writing

7 Mar, 2019 17:43

Such imagination~! Would take me a year to come up with all this. I do have a burning question or two; What are "White Lines And Locked Spaces" and what is a "Red Storm"? Pulled me in very nicely! Great job.

7 Mar, 2019 18:07

thank you for the comment i would like to make an article about anomalies, specifically i didn't want to speak much about them as the article isn't about them.   white lines are floating crossed white lines that anyone who touches them well as the quote at the start says will get a sudden heart attack of unknown reason a few hours after   locked spaces are a entrance to a different dimension usually a bleak dark one with no hope to exit   and red storms are a wave of energy that comes from the epicenter once in a while all that is caught outside of cover will be fried to a crisp

Anna Elizabeth Boyett
8 Mar, 2019 02:58

Very nicely detailed; I like that you broke up and gave information about all of the unique flora and fauna there instead of just listing them. It's a nice touch that really helps pad an otherwise short article. And the triva was cool to read!

8 Mar, 2019 14:49

Like said before, the fringes's ecosystem sounds like a "friendly" place to be...But admittedly, without a way how to "look" at the Fringes I'm struggling to even understand what they may appear like. and what little we do get from information regarding the fringes seems to cut off a bit? Also why is the grass mentioned if nothing special is about it?   On the other hand, the amount of monsters do give it a fairly diverse and if not creepy nature to it. I do give an A for effort with how Though I wonder how exactly crows sense anomalies coming? What do they do if anomalies are about to occur?

2% story, 98% non-related lore | Tales of Fabulae | Twitter
8 Mar, 2019 14:55

I probably need to work on the appearance of the fringes on the article. crows anomaly sense is a mystery and I plan to mostly keep it like that as it is the beauty of it in some way it is just none sensical. most anomalies are visible but some are invisible they always avoid them in their paths or run from an incoming one

8 Mar, 2019 15:01

tbh its mostly a way of calling a huge zone the fringes are kinda like a country by description it contains many places with different looks meaning it can really be defined with one or two looks. it has mountains a desert a swamp, a sea, a beach, green plains, forests, etc. It's kinda hard to give one good description for them all   oh and I forgot to answer your grass question the chaos wastes don't contain grass but in the fringes which is quite weird with the fact that it hasn't even changed lightly from how it normally is making it well, weird