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Sigman Kathar

I fought for my freedom unlike you cowards, what gives you the right to take it from me! -
— Sigman speaking to the Council Of Antek
Sigman is the first and current ruler of Lich Towers and the creator of necromancy.


Humble Beginnings

Being born to a wealthy family in Rajesh, Sigman had an affinity for magic. Although seen as a good quality Sigman took interest in magic to an extreme, reading books all day and practicing magic to the extent he skipped meals and showers. His parents were worried but, they still supported their son's love for magic and signed him into the most luxurious magic school in Rajesh. Sigman excelled with his grades and was a perfect student, having a very impressive record by graduation.

Discovery of necromancy

After having great success in his schooling, Sigman wanted to leave a mark on the magic world and started his research. its goal was to find a way to obtain immortality by magical means. After 30 years of research Sigman finally found what he believed was the answer which was necromancy. Slowly Sigman was developing the art of necromancy, finding more spells and slowly mastering it and attracting more and more followers to learn and spread the art.   Sigman was criticized heavily by other wizards being called a corpse defiler and messing with powers beyond him. Sigman couldn't care less, those 40 years going into the art of his life wouldn't be undone by people's words that easily. The number of followers grew immensely, and they flowed into Rajesh, making necromancy the most performed magic there.

Ascension Into Lichdom

By now, Gwind was in a lengthy debate with the council of The Wizard Cities about magic control. Once necromancy became very widespread, they saw talking was doing nothing and went on to take control of the wizard cities by force. Necromancy being a banned form of magic made Sigman a very big target for Gwind and they wasted no time sending mass guard forces through Rajesh to capture him and his followers. Although it wasn't easy they cornered Sigman in his hideout and imprisoned him, planning to execute him to make him into an example of what happens to those who dabble in the art of necromancy.   A week after their overtaking, many cities rebelled and took their cities back and The First War began. The Wizard Cities wasted no time taking back Rajesh and using the huge necromancer forces and their leader Sigman. Being released Sigman went immediately to finish his research, finally finding the answer he looked for which was lichdom. The process of becoming a lich was a very painful one, and once Sigman made the phylactery he drank the potion and finished the ritual concluding in his death. His followers were worried as 3 days have passed, but on the 4th day, Sigman appeared from the phylactery a full-fledge lich.

The First War

Those fools at the council think that war is a game of honor, they know naught of it, and I will teach them total warfare
— Sigman Kathar to his right hand
Sigman's' effect on the war is huge and he is one of the most important figures in it. Being given a position in the council over the city of Rajesh, Sigman was given control over his 3000 necromancers and was sent to disrupt the area around Whitemane and pull away troops from the front. The big events that Sigman was a part of are:

The Poisoning Of Lake Evergreen

Sigman army was nicknamed the "Pale Mist", for the necromancers created a mist around the whole army making it very hard to know their numbers, it was also done to make Gwind overestimate them and pull more soldiers from the front lines to the back. The final reason was so they won't notice if some people left the army, that was the case with Lake Evergreen.   Sigman wasn't a fool and knew that he should make sending a big army a troublesome logistics operation, he did so by poisoning the army supplies making delays in its movements. The smaller events were infiltration of necromancers into villages to poison the grain supplies which caused the deaths of hundreds of people, soldiers or not, and the main army to be stalled for a week.   The biggest example of his sabotage was sending a group of ten necromancers into lake Evergreen to make it into an undrinkable water source. The guards heard rumors of robed people moving into lake Evergreen and sent the news to Whitemane and ran to the lake. The guards were late and the lake became an acidic mass of unholy waters killing all life in it and making trees rot around it. Sigman was criticized for those actions by the council stating that those are actions hurt everyone and that Gwind will return the pain two-fold. Sigman was unfazed by those accusations telling them that Gwind would do the same and this was just them doing it first.

First Contact

The first fight between The forces of Whitemane and the forces of Sigman was southeast of Whitemane where he threatened a supply line running to the fronts. Gwind not being able to find an easy way to surround him easily and understanding they can't let him cut the supply line sent a force of 5000 soldiers to try to kill the necromancer army.   Sigman knowing fully well that Gwind has zero experience dealing with necromancers in army combat abused the fact fully and knew the average tactic was to catch the wizards in close quarters combat, the general issued a pincer movement and in reaction, the necromancers added a poison mist into the mist causing the charges to be massacres. Each soldier that died was raised back to fight for them and after a while, they had enough undead soldiers to form a defense line against the onward charges. And to the surprise of the forces of Whitemane, the necromancers pushed the mist forward making most soldiers have no idea where they going making escape chaotic, the necromancers meanwhile surrounded them using the newly undead soldiers.   The fight was a one-sided massacre as the necromancers barely lost anyone and the supply line was completely cut. Along with that, the necromancers had a huge army of undead now. Sigman himself was noted to be a very scary opponent as he cleared out full lines of soldiers and raising massive amounts of undead

Battle Of Springpine

By now Sigmans' army moved further east disrupting more supply lines but risking encounters with more armies. Sigman used his spells wisely and made creatures called Flesh Mounds which were a huge swirling mass of flesh with mouths and eyes, they were used to stop charges as they were a mobile spiked wall, biting whoever comes close enough. Gwind being in shock from the first fight now went full-on to stop Sigman and push him at least back to Rajesh. Gwind started using priests from Whitemane and started sending more shock cavalry to breach through undead lines and kill the necromancers.   The battle occurred at the plain of Springpine, with Whitemane forces doing the same thing trying to do pincer movements against him. In response, Sigman acts the same as the first battle and casts a poison mist into the mist. That ends up horribly for Sigman a the priests use divine wind to push the mist back into the necromancers causing big losses.   Sigman immediately responds and creates a defensive line with his undead warriors at the front. Yet, the shock cavalry gave no interest in them going to the backline and charging into the necromancers. Right, as they attempted to charge Sigman, he revealed his new weapon, the flesh mounds came between the necromancers and made a wall. Most of the charge ended horribly and most horses flew over dying or making their riders fall. those who stopped were barraged by magic missiles by the necromancers on the other side.   Both sides were equal but Sigman noticed he was losing more necromancers than he wanted and retreated further to the back to the west.

Defeat And Retreat

Whitemane had enough of the "Pale Mist", and the king of Whitemane Lambert, "The White Lion" Crovan went to lead the next assault to completely shut down Sigman. This time with way more priests, paladins and soldiers, Lambert hoped to shut down Sigman offense and force him to retreat to Rajesh.   Sigman heard from his spies that Lambert was leading an army and that they blocked off their escape. Sigman knew he has to win the battle or Rajesh will be captured. Sigman took the offense as each moment he wasted is another chance for more enemies to show up, which forced him to break through the army of The Lion.     The armies met east of Whitemane, the battle started as most ones usually do. Sigman ordered an immediate ranged attack while using the flesh mounds to block the shock cavalry. The battle was a draw at the front, and Lambert planned to strike from the side of the army to break the necromancer's formation.     Sigman noticed Lambert and his cavalry starting to head towards him and his necromancers from the side and moved his mounds to block them. Lambert had none of that, used holy smite to make the mounds perish and went in with his troops starting to cleave his way through the necromancers to Sigman, in a bloody rampage through the fell wizards.   Lambert himself finally reaching Sigman after slaughtering many of his necromancers. Looking up at his large undead adversary, which pulled out his trident and prepared be engaged, Lambert fearlessly attacked. Sigman knowing that if he died all the undead he raised will fall and the flesh mounds will go berserk. Sigman Knew that he couldn't lose the duel. The battle between the paladin king and the arch-lich was a fight of skill and determination between both sides. Sigman had an advantage because of his size. Breaking the draw, he succeeded in catching the arm of Lambert planting one of his many horrid diseases on it. After they both traded many blows, Sigman finally pinned the hammer of Lambert into the ground with his trident and was about to kill him just as both of them noticed the blades of the trident were getting a bit loose. Lambert using the moment of surprise kicked them and they broke, Sigman losing his balance from his trident not holding him anymore, started falling and Lambert lifted his hammer crushing Sigman's head causing the lich body to disperse into ash.     Sigman no longer being in the battle caused most of the undead to break down and the flesh mounds start to attack the necromancers causing almost every necromancer to die and the battle to be over as a decisive defeat. Sigman came back into his physical form after a week from his phylactery, taking all the citizens of the city and evacuating them to Veledo, knowing that The Lion was coming to crush Rajesh with a huge army. Lambert later died from the disease Sigman gave him

Great Cataclysm And Outcasting

Sigman was in the council arguing with all the members about decisions and in many cases treated badly for the way he believed the war should be waged. The remaining necromancers mostly settled in Veledo, Sigman fearing necromancy would die with him hoped to keep his life work alive through his followers so he ordered them to stay there as the number of necromancers was cut almost in half during the wars.     As it grew glaringly more obvious Gwind would win the war, the council and most citizens of other cities retreated into Antek. The city of Dismal believed they are being left to die, went rogue. the council agreed that if no action is taken they will all die. Sigman was in support of the phase shift device, believing it was invaluable in the case of something going wrong, and the council was correct, dodging the Cataclysm.     There was a time of peace as Gwind and Antek couldn't do anything. After a while the council showed their true feelings towards Sigman and cast him out from Antek, stating he was a war criminal for the actions he committed during the war and partly for the horrors of necromancy. Sigman heard the news from a messenger who came to his room. infuriated at the nerve that the council for not telling it to him, face to face, and the hypocritical actions of the council for using him in the war as a tool and throwing him only after they had peace. Sigman broke into the council room and demanded an explanation, arguing with the council and only leaving when threatened imprisonment, his followers coming with him. Sigman set out to his old city Rajesh.

Lich towers to present

Sigman reached Rajesh with all his followers and started rebuilding the city. The dwarfs were not happy with necromancers coming to live next to them warned Sigman to leave. Sigman responded with "Go back to your caves, I don't take orders from neutral cowards". The dwarfs didn't take the insult lightly and started a war with Lich towers which still goes to this day with no side pushing the other far enough.     Sigman led Lich Towers to the advance city it is today by great leadership obedient followers and his skilled engineers. His objective became a military power, now having the time he wanted to make new troops and machines. although few in numbers, the army of Lich Towers is very powerful. For example, the great Draculers, which are feared among every enemy of Lich Towers, and the mighty corpse collectors which hunt down fresh material to add to his army. Sigman continues to fight Gwind and Antek while in his city with spies and assassins.


Sigman is a horrifying figure to face. From his huge size of 3 meters to the rotten flesh that hangs on his body. Sigman wears royal robes that cover his whole body, a crown, and has a large white beard. His favorite weapon is his trident, the Rotted Fork, which channels his necrotic energy and works great as a melee weapon.


  • Sigman holds the world record for raising the biggest amount of undead at one single time, having a staggering record of 50
  • Currently the most hated living being, Sigman committed countless atrocities making him into an extremist and a monster among every faction on the continent. His list of atrocities includes but aren't limited to, burning villages, killing hundreds of innocents, defiling corpses, ruining nature, creating aberrations and using spells that use the souls preventing them to go to the next realm and lock them in eternal suffering.
  • His biggest haters are Whitemane for causing one humiliating defeat and making a joke of their cavalry in the second battle, burning countless villages. And most importantly the infection Sigman gave to their king Lambert, in the end, gave him a gruesome and painful death becoming a pile of steaming flesh. A month after he fought Sigman
  • Sigman, 91 years old, is one of the oldest wizards alive
  • The dramatic way Sigman always speaks is laughed at in Gwind and Antek at theaters
  • Sigman is an expert duelist, he has won 57 duels in his life 
  • The beard of Sigman is decorated by rings he took from famous dwarves after killing them 
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Bane Of Whitemane
Year of Birth
Rajesh(Lich Towers)
Current Residence
Rajesh(Lich Towers)
Completely white and sunken in
3 meters

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