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Lich Towers

"Fellow wizards, I call an issue for reason. Let no man deny the perils of our time. While we fought and argued against one another, the consuming tide of conflict is turning against us and our people. The pathetic empire of Gwind still clings to itself and is only becoming harsher with their restrictions and sanctions on wizards. In the south, the wastes filled with horrors beyond our comprehension are threatening this world and have already taken many lives. The united wizard cities have thrown us away after we ceased to be of use to them; their pathetic tactics and incompetence have been their downfall. Now they hide like cowards, what semblance of protection they promised is no more. With those coming threats, who will we turn to for protection? No longer can we rely on corrupt councils and a crumbling empire, no my brothers, we can only rely on ourselves as we know the truth and the harsh reality.   The time has come to unite under one banner to protect all that we worked for. From this day onward, let no brother make war on his brother, let no petty schisms and politics hurt our unity, let no man rely on false promises: For we are true-blooded wizards! And we shall prevail, no matter the cost!"
Sigman giving his famous speech when leaving Antek
Lich Towers is a faction of wizards that specialize in the school of necromancy. It is a dictatorship run by its founder, Sigman Kathar. Lich Towers is considered the youngest faction, and has become the most hated faction as well. The considerable number of war crimes committed by Sigman and his followers earned it a very infamous reputation. Currently, the faction only holds one city, and a large area surrounding it. They control a few mountains at The Wall and have mild access to the sea.  




    When the wizard council decided to exile Sigman for his actions, with the added hypocrisy that it was only done after the war, many people saw it as unjust. As such, many of his followers decided to join with Sigman, along with others who were frustrated with the united wizard cities’ loss in the war and the general corruption. Famously, Sigman marched out from Antek to the wastes, with 9000 people following him as he headed towards Rajesh. Sigman decided that the best option is to take an unoccupied city, cleared out after the war. He easily retook Rajesh and kicked out the bandits and vagabonds, and began rebuilding the foundations upon which his faction will stand.   Initially, he renewed agriculture around Rajesh. He then organized artisans to their respective roles, and started rebuilding the walls and ruined buildings from the siege.   Because most of the people who came to Lich Towers were or military personal or common folk frustrated with the united wizard cities, many were extremely patriotic towards Lich Towers. Although no pay was promised for the hard work in the early years, many people did it by their will in hopes of a greater future.  

First interactions with the dwarves

      Four months after the start of Lich Towers, the dwarves complained that they were presiding on dwarven territory, and demanded they leave. Sigman famously responded with: "Go back to your caves, I don't take orders from neutral cowards. Iron Peak then immediately threatened that if they don't get out of Rajesh in the next week they will launch an assault.   Wasting no time, Sigman gathered as many troops he could, and started digging trenches and building fortifications. The dwarves noticed, and decided to attack earlier than promised, sending their troops after only four days, in a straight line towards Rajesh. The dwarves were overconfident in their campaign, believing that the necromancers would surrender after a month, and that they should just end it quickly. That was a crucial mistake that would send this war into swirling chaos   The necromancers expected the dwarves to avoid walking near the mountains, as while they would arrive faster, they could also be easily ambushed. After learning of the dwarves’ warpath near the mountains, Sigman devised a cunning plan: He would set a trap on the mountains to cause a rockfall, and then attack when their formation breaks. The necromancers used the fog walls to hide their positions from the enemy, surrounding them and slowly encircling their army. While they were pinned against the mountain walls, their panic only amplified as the avalanche of rocks fell. Making swift use of the disorder and panic, the necromancers slaughtered the dwarves, not allowing even one to escape, landing a devastating hit against Iron Peak. From that point, after completely killing their momentum, Sigman started pushing slowly towards the dwarven city.  

continuation and stagnation

  In the next few months, the battle went on. Sigman started using things like the Cadaver Collectors and Draculers to fight more efficiently. Iron Peak left with no choice but to accept a bad offer for an alliance with their enemy   Karakazar, forcing them to surrender a big chunk of land they had fought over, and to admit defeat. Karakazar joined the fray, and with their help they halted Sigman's advance, and pushed him back until they reached his defensive trenches. As no side wished to throw many soldiers against the other line, knowing they won't have the strength to reach the next one let alone hold it. As such, the war became a disruption effort, both sides sabotage the other, ruin trade routes and lunch raids on outposts. The war still goes on to this very day.      

year 994-present day

  Perhaps the largest threat to Lich Towers was the imposing empire of Gwind that could easily send an army, as such preparations were done for the new front. But surprisingly Gwind didn't move a hand to harm Lich Towers because of political tensions about the dwarves monopoly over gunpowder. And due to that the dwarves chosen to continue the war, not agreeing to the deals out of pride, keeping their monopoly. Although not directly attacking Lich Towers, Gwind decided to show their hostility by declaring a trade embargo upon the new faction. During the war with the dwarves, the walls around Rajesh were reconstructed, and the infrastructure of the faction was established. The Council was formed around four years after the start of Lich towers, with the members being chosen from the most loyal people who proved their ability. The industrial part of Lich Towers was advancing; machinery and arcane combined made advanced golems and devices that were used commonly. Although attempts to start agriculture, most of the people living in Lich Towers were never land workers, so even with magic it became sub-par and starvation wasn't uncommon in the first 5 years, rations were well used all throughout Lich Towers. The problem was solved by opening trade channels such as with ravesh, they also offer empire farmers ten times the market price for wheat if they sell it to them, offering a high price for a high risk.   Currently, Lich Towers is an enemy of every faction on the continent, and is enclosed to a small space in the mountains. They usually send out spies and saboteurs to cause damage around Gwind, provoking unrest and political turmoil about the emperor’s passive stance.  

trading and economy

    Because of the bad relations Lich Towers has to its neighbors, they have to rely on illegal trade deals and self-sufficiency. As such Lich Towers uses a quality over quantity ideal in its approach to infrastructure. They will test prototypes thousands of times and remake it again and again before mass producing it, they train their soldiers ruthlessly which is why most of them are far better at battles than other factions. Magic is used to enhance their farming, preventing pests and growing crops faster. Because of those traits, the produce of Lich Towers is one the best in quality and is traded to private groups such as example scavengers in the wastes. As for resources they lack for example wood, they enact on illegal trade deals with noble, usually those from ravesh. as stated before they also secretly offer farmers of the empire deals to sell their crops instead to them for ten times the market price.   Lich Towers main commodity are weapons, those are sold to many groups for large amounts of gold. the gold is than used to buy food and other needed materials and to enact trades and agreements. And so the unending cycle goes in the economy of Lich Towers  

culture and society

    Lich Towers is diverse in its members, they welcome most people, from witches, wanted wizards and sometimes even worshipers of evil gods. Most of the population are wizards, half of them are from Rajesh and were Sigman’s original following. The others are people who trickle slowly into the city or the wizards who followed Sigman out of Antek. Because of such things, Lich Towers culture is based around wizardry, you can see those effects everywhere, magic academies, teleportation circles, magical creatures around the city, and so on. Lich Towers is indifferent towards religions, that is except two groups, the followers of Rakdos and the shadow priests who follow Manibal the god of death. Both groups hate necromancy so much their followers will attempt to kill necromancers on sight. All other religions are usually welcomed and not really cared for unless they hurt or annoy citizens. they don't really follow gods seeing most won't like to have them as followers. There is only one temple throughout the whole city, which is for Kairo the god of trade and freedom.   While a bit contradicting Lich Towers support full freedom when it comes to the art of practicing magic, while also being run as an authoritarian fascist dictatorship. It may seem weird, but most people prefer the current way it is run by the machiavellian leader Sigman than the soft-hearted council which lost the war. Many people living in Lich towers are nationalists and will take extreme measures to keep it safe even if it means following an immoral command. In fact in Lich Towers society is so patriotic, it is seen as an honor to be raised back after death to keep serving as a zombie, and those who do so are called the restless.   Although most dead people become zombies after they die to help sustain Lich Towers, there is a big difference in who is raised for what purpose though, and that is where the justice system of Lich Towers comes in. Lich Towers deem all who can't serve a purpose useless, and a drain on resources. As such begging is illegal in Lich Towers, failing at your given job will yield a punishment that is on a similar level to the failure. If one does get executed he is raised back but not as a restless which are respected. Criminals corpses are raised back to do degrading works serving Lich Towers for eternity. If not given the death penalty most criminals will or be used as experiments, and perhaps will be mutilated before being sent to the wastes. Something as small as thievery can cost you your life, as such actions have deemed you nothing more than a hindrance to Lich Towers society.   It is widely known that Lich Towers believes that death is something to be used and less respected. Although most people would agree that after they die, their bodies will be raised back to serve in undeath as a restless, if someone refuses and doesn't wish to be raised after death, it is respected and his body will receive a proper burial. The only ones which have no choice in such matters are criminals and enemies of Lich Towers which are raised if they wish it or not.  

political relations

  Lich Towers may just be the most hated faction in the continent, they are at conflict with every major faction currently. From the united wizard cities to the dwarves to the empire of Gwind, all consider the necromancers war criminals and enemies of humanity with its actions. The scavenger groups in the Wastes differ in their relations, some despise them for their aggressive interference with the Wastes. but some love them, for rescuing them or hunting down groups that are forming to be dangerous for everyone in there. They trade with many groups in there as well.   Perhaps the only neutral faction to them is the monk islands, they are neutral with everyone though as they don't want to interfere in any of those accursed politics of the mainland. Lich Towers does have a secret uneasy alliance with Ravesh, seeing they trade and share some interests. Ironically, both sides see each other as monsters, and it is obvious those relations are not meant to last longer than they should.    

military formations

  Lich Towers contains a large number of formations in its military, all of them serve a purpose and if needed said purpose is changed. All people in the military are considered experienced wizards or gunners. In cases of emergency, people are forcefully conscripted into regiments fitting of their skills. The formations are as follow:   War mages - War mages are the general footman of Lich Towers. It would be easy to underestimate them yet one should remember most of them are skilled wizards that have been through the First War and are veterans. They are the largest formation, containing thousands of men and dozens of women. Because of their basic use, most of the war mages fight in front lines and rarely do anything else, some may be sent as escorts to other regiments or sent to make sure nothing goes wrong with the illegal trades.   Gunners - Not all soldiers in the army of Lich Towers are wizards, and as so those who can’t cast spells. yet are able and willing to fight become gunners and join the frontlines or become outpost guards.   Engineers - Lich Towers military contains some forms of machinery which rely on a combination of advanced technology and the arcane art. In the frontlines advanced golems, cannons and other forms of machinery are well used and as such require maintenance and people who can operate such things. Engineers are usually at the frontline assisting in operating and keeping the war machines working.   Draculers - Draculers are the special operators of Lich Towers, used for reconnaissance, special missions, raids and sabotage. They are considered the elite of Lich Towers, unmatched in skill and equipment by most troopers. Their numbers are quite small compared to others as there are only 190 of them currently in action.   Coordinators - Lich Towers contains a lot of undead and summoned creatures and require people to control them mid-battle and to calm them when not needed. Such people are called coordinators and are usually experts at maintaining concentration and control over multiple creatures. Because of that, they become prime targets during battles as without their control the creatures will go berserk and not care about friend or foe.   Cadaver Collectors - Lich Towers relies on having a lot of undead, may it be as a workforce or serving in the army. They use special golems designed to walk around and pick up enemy corpses and impale them on their backs to then retrieve back to the city. Cadaver Collectors are also armed and are extremely powerful physically, being bulkier and far taller than any man, as such they are used in combat as well. Usually in combat, their tactics revolve around releasing a paralyzing gas from beneath their skull-like mask and then crushing the necks of the people on the ground before impaling them.   Restless & other undead - As should be obvious, Lich Towers makes use of undead in their army, most of them are the restless, usually equipped with simple armor and weapons as they can't do much more, nor does the armor help much individually. While in a battle, Coordinators are used to moving them around the battlefield, using them as meat shields or to surround an enemy. There are many other undead creatures which are used to some degree such as the flesh walls and flesh golems.  


  • There is a yearly celebration of Lich towers being made, where people gather to feast and grand performances are done in the streets. Soldiers on the front lines are usually given gifts at such times by the family.
  • Lich Towers is probably the most technologically advanced faction. They have stolen the ancient elven books that were found in the southern clocktower. Those books taught them much about the elven machinery and arcane, making Lich Towers use some forms of electricity and gears in their machinery being able to light lamps and make almost futuristic tech for their time.
  • People of the empire who visit Lich Towers without permits are usually arrested and brought to be interrogated if they return to empire controlled territory.

Duty, honor, glory

Founding Date
Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
Outcasts and The Necromancers
While they call themselves wizards usually they are called necromancers by all other factions
Sigman Kathar
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System

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