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Higher than steel yet lower than honor
- The code of the Draculers
  The elite of the Lich Towers’ military units, the gliding Draculers are a fearsome wizard-warrior hybrid. Draculers are rare to find, usually only being sent on special missions, most people never see them, or live through seeing them.    


  Although quite a recently formed unit, Draculers were picked from veterans or people who showed great potential and were trained ruthlessly to match the expectations. The idea was thought of during the First War as a suggestion for an anti-artillery shock trooper unit capable of passing through harsh terrain, giving them a huge advantage over normal cavalry. Although in the end, a different option was chosen. The idea was brought up again 13 years later when Lich Towers sought to make their own shock unit and this time the Draculers were chosen to fill that role. In the year 986, the 15th unit committed treason of the highest degree. During the night in their outpost with the 7th unit, they woke up and tried to murder members of the 7th before joining sides with the united wizard cities. The plan went along smoothly for some time, before the screams woke up the whole camp and a brutal fight ensued. During the fight 14 Draculers died, and the 15th unit ran away from the outpost to join the wizard cities, never to be seen again. After that, the 15th unit became the special operations squad of the wizard cities and was rarely seen again. They wear blue capes and keep their number tattoos even after their betrayal. The 15th is hunted down by other Draculers, who saw them as the scum of the earth for what they did        


    There may be only 190 Draculers at one time (after the 15th unit rebellion), that is done to keep their elite status and make other high ranking necromancers compete against one another for a chance to join them one day, so that only the best are recruited. One of the rules for every squad of Draculers is that they all contain ten men, with one being a captain leading the squad. As such, in most cases, when Draculers go out on missions the only possible numbers are multiples of ten. Draculers have tattoos of numbers on their shoulder, captains have crossed halberds below their numbers.   Draculers seldom ever die, the largest case of loss of men was at the 15th unit treason. Because of the fact that they are almost never replaced, most draculers have ten or more years of experience      

Evolution of purpose and uses

    At first, Draculers weren't planned to be used as more than just shock troopers to attack the dwarven war machines in the back lines, or to engage the gunners. Though after a while, Sigman noted that their mobility is amazing, and the lack of scouts and special operators in the field is a large scale issue. Since then, they have rarely been used as shock troopers. Presently, Draculers are used as scouts in the wastes and special operators. Truly their most recent large-scale use was during a siege on a Red Ranger outpost in Midring, which was at a choke point towards the destroyed city of Veledo. The battle was a long one, but the combined force of three Draculer units was more than enough to shut down the outpost for good.      


      The Draculers are equipped with the best armor Lich Towers can provide: enchanted half-plates covering most of their body, leaving only a few spots revealed which, in turn, are covered by a thick green cloth under the armor. Runes are etched upon the armor, which grant the Draculers their iconic power to cast levitation from a few spots on the armor at will, those being the feet and back. The armor has its own recharging power source; only people that have experience with arcane magic can use the armor efficiently. Their head is protected by a Sallet with glass goggles covering the slits to protect their eyes while gliding at high speeds. On top of it, there is a cloth hood covering most of the head, leaving only the nose and mouth revealed. Draculers are equipped with halberds that have a hook on the bottom of the blade, enchanted to be effective even against non-physical creatures, but nothing more unusual than that. Draculers usually carry knives as well, and a light crossbow in case it is needed.    


Go fast and show no mercy, they won't see us coming nor will they ever see us leaving
- First captain of the 14th unit
  Draculers are fast, faster than horses and far better at traversing terrain using their controlled levitation. They glide across large distances using their movements and a boost from the rune on their backs Their gliding and motions almost look like they were skating a few centimeters above the ground. They usually charge enemies doing hit and runs, shooting spells at them like lightning bolts while running away or going full all-out charging in unison causing much chaos in their first charge. Draculers are able to jump long distances and do quick dashes using a burst of energy, they can use those powers to climb or for escaping and disengaging.   As stated before, Draculers are experts of magic, particularly in the schools of necromancy and evocation, to focus on dealing as much damage from afar or up close. Like most other necromancer units, it is standard that even Draculers to have the fog spell to make engaging and fleeing easier.    

noteworthy units

  There are a total of 20 units in the draculers, while many aren't that famous they all are important and worthy of respect   1st unit - Considered the top of the top, the 1st unit was the original group made to test the idea, and as such has the best collection of the most battle-hardened veterans from the whole company, though it is also the unit with the largest total losses because of its long term use on the fields, and its time as shock troopers.     4th unit - The 4th unit, also nicknamed "the mountain goats" by the Red Rangers, is a unit that focuses specifically on traversing mountains at a quick pace. They are well known for descending down from the mountains to ambush Rangers. The 4th unit is used as scouts to keep an eye on people moving near The Wall, but also as smugglers as they can easily retrieve wares safely and withe secrecy through their paths.   8th unit - The 8th unit journeys the furthest into the wastes entering and traveling the deep ring. Their main objective is to keep tabs on the wizards, tracking Antek’s movements and returning home every few months. They also fought the 15th unit in a short skirmish at the deep ring, no one died as both sides had to retreat, seeing the situation was getting worse and their only place to resupply was a very long distance away.   15th unit - The traitor unit, they are well known throughout Lich Towers as the ones who betrayed their brothers and retreated to their enemies. In truth, the 15th unit slowly grew regretful of serving Lich Towers believing they were serving the wrong goal. And as such decided to go back to the old ways of the wizard cities.  


  • Draculers enjoy passing time at camps by doing races or using their armor to do acrobatics and flourishes.
  • Red Rangers and draculers despise each other, as they cover the same areas. As such, it is common for draculers to ambush them, which usually ends up being lethal for the rangers, easily defeating them with an equal number.
  • Except for the 15th unit treason, Draculers rarely lose men in combat. In fact, the biggest reason for losing men is desertion, which is extremely rare.
  • The 15th unit is hated so much by Draculers, they threaten other groups in the army if they attempt to kill them, as Draculers see it as their duty to kill the 15th unit themselves.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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