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Banshees are very well known even amongst commoners, as much mystery looms around the horrid shriekers. A threat to even the most experienced ranger, almost everyone would want to avoid an encounter with one, as the Wail of a Banshee is an attack most people have no way to counter.   Banshees aren't aggressive normally, but if you move close to their nests where their babies are, they will attack you and prevent you from getting near their young fledglings in any way they can. Although the woods they reside in is a great shortcut, there are so many of their nests it's hard to not accidentally come by one, making passage there very dangerous  


  Humanoid in shape, Banshees could be mistaken to actually be human from a distance but none the less, the shrieker has a big crow like skull with a decomposed human head hiding inside it. Most of the body is covered by a lengthy black cloak, hiding most of its features. In addition, the body is covered in roots and is made out of part plant, part flesh. Its hands are thin and black ending in three very long and sharp fingers.  


  The origin of a Banshee is clouded in mystery and is itself a legend about them. While many will look and think that Banshees are people exposed to too much chaos radiation from the rifts, It is unknown to be true, as no one has ever seen a human turn into one. Banshees do have babies, and it is proven that their number grows, but it is not know how do they create them, as all Banshees are female. The babies have never been seen to reach adulthood, most dying before it. Attempts at taking a baby out of its nest and to be grown under gentle care have been tried, but, each test subject has died before reaching adulthood. Banshees may be from the realm of The Cat but it is odd that they have a human head inside of them and so many human body parts as well.     Because of that mystery, many stories and legends sparked about their origin. Some believe that a banshee is the spirit of a mother who has lost her children and died of sadness, cursed forever to hopelessly protect children that will always die no matter what she does. Researchers think that Banshees come from the realm of The Cat and are just humans who once lived on a world that he took into his realm. No one really has full proof of their origin, and because The Chaos Wastes are known to be chaotic and nonsensical almost every theory may hold true   note We offer a sum of 600 gold coins to whoever can find their origin. Our wizards will read your mind to see if you speak the truth


  The Banshee may not be a danger when it comes to physical combat, only being able to do mild damage, but the true weapon of a Banshee is its wail. The wail is able to pierce the psyche of everything around, causing them huge psychic pain and usually mental scars that can't be fixed even with time. A Banshee has been only seen to use the wail once per day causing people to believe that its uses are limited.   When a Banshee isn't looked upon it can disappear behind one tree and reappear behind another one. It isn't known how they teleport, as they never do it when someone looks at them even if it can't see them or the object.   note We will pay for whoever can find the reason for the ability a sum of 150 gold coins. Our wizards will read your mind to see if you are speaking the truth  

Habitat And Ritualistic Nature

  Banshees are known to be only in forests that are in The Chaos Wastes, they live in nests with many of their babies that look like large infantile birds with a skull that lacks any flesh and skin. Banshees are very protective of their young and will attack anyone coming close as even ten meters.   Banshees are weird in nature, many rangers and explorers report they saw big crow skulls on the ground with dead animals, a human head and roots that tangle them. They are known to make effigies made of what material they can find, in the shape of a big crow around their nests. Many rangers are confused by their actions but believe they hold some purpose, if its to praise The Cat or their own god or guardian.   Banshees always build their nests away from each other and are protective of their young even against their own species, no ranger has seen a banshee near one another, so it isn't known if banshees can communicate. Another weird question is what banshees eat, it has been seen that they feed their young fruits and meat but never themselves.       note we offer a sum of 150 gold for answering the question of their communication and 150 more for how do the banshees stay alive without food. our wizards will read your mind to see if you speak the truth  


We don't think you should ever try to engage one, but, in case you do have to, here are some tips to kill one or avoid it :  
  • covering your ears won't save you from the Banshee Wail, as it is magical in nature, meaning it will pierce into your ears. Being deaf will give you immunity to it as even if they do pierce it they cant be heard, meaning they do nothing.
  • Banshees are weak against distance attacks, as their wail cant reach you at a large range. But don't rely on it as banshees can teleport and will close the range if they must.
  • in case you step into a banshee nest stay away from the babies, as their bites are painful and they are numerous and aggressive
  • Banshees may be quiet, but, their arrival is announced by a flock of crows, so use that as a warning and get away from where you are

Banshee Queen

  Reports of a giant cloaked figure with one big hole as its face filled with many big crow skulls has been reported by multiple explorers during their time at the forest. While some were saying the truth and most were lying to take the prize, no ranger has ever seen it. All people who saID the truth aren't sane, so it isn't known if the banshee wails broke them and they believe their own none sense or if they say the truth   note If you can prove the existence of the queen we will reward you with 600 gold coins. And if it's real, if you do kill it we will add another 600. Our wizards will read your mind to see if you speak the truth       -ranger monster list page 90 Banshees and their origin

fantasy writer
by Deridias Designs

The Rangers monster list

This article is taken from the Rangers Monster list. A book detailing all the monsters the rangers encountered and all the information they have about them

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8 Mar, 2019 21:02

you may want to rethink the text in the side bar, it's really confusing.   what do you mean here? "Not even one of the babies, even when it's taken out of its nest and grown in a city reaches adulthood".   Otherwise, I like the setup. it being written with a sort of a scientific aproach to the Monster.

8 Mar, 2019 21:44

imma fix some stuff you stated. and about the babies, it is unclear with the way I stated it. But, it basically means it has tested to see if the baby of a banshee can reach adulthood. so they were taken from their nest into one of the cities for tests

9 Mar, 2019 01:57

some of your sentences could stand to be combined, such as "While many will look and think that Banshees are people exposed to too much chaos radiation from the rifts. It is unknown to be true as no one has ever seen a human turn into one." should probably be "While many will look and think that Banshees are people exposed to too much chaos radiation from the rifts, it is unknown to be true as no one has ever seen a human turn into one.". other than that, i think the concept's pretty interesting. i've never seen this kind of take on a banshee before, them being more of a wild animal versus a spooky legend

9 Mar, 2019 11:55

thank you i will look around for those kind of mistakes

9 Mar, 2019 17:33

New fresh outlook on a very old concept. LIKE IT!

9 Mar, 2019 17:35

thank you

9 Mar, 2019 19:00

You definitely make a sell on the banshee's mysterious nature here. It's hard to even tell whether the banshee are at all a "biological" lifeform in your world, or if they are some kind of cursed being or something, or spawn from some deity, which I'm supposing is what you were aiming for. It makes me quite curious about what their lifestyle and psyche are like? What do they eat? DO they eat? Are they capable of communicating. Are they immune only to their own shriek or also to the shrieks of their fellow banshees?   Note We offer a sum of 900 gold coins to whoever can answer these questions. Our wizards will read your mind to see if you speak the truth.

9 Mar, 2019 19:15

those are some great question I should give an answer about thanks for your comment

9 Mar, 2019 19:40

But of course! Look forward to the 900 gold! ;)

11 Mar, 2019 00:14

Greatly enjoyed the mystery and new take on a classical monster here, the little notes on the wizards is pretty amusing as well. Got a chuckle out of their repeated notes.   That said, there's alot of mixed vibes I'm getting from this article. Their appearance and mention of them having a "rotting head", makes me think that they are undead by nature. However, the fact that they have "babies" makes me think they are biologically functional and breed instead of undead. If it's radiation effects, instead of rotting perhaps make it tumor-like and disfigured as that's what comes to mind.   Not that undead and breeding are inherently incompatible, many a horror-series would dub otherwise, but that isn't the feeling I got from the article. Maybe alter it a bit so that it's one or the other? Unless you're aiming for that dark undertone of the undead having children and reproducing, etc, then never mind me.   I'll also note that the "Origin" section is a bit wall-of-text-ish. Spacing it out a bit would make it a bit easier on the eyes in my opinion. The mention of "The Cat" realm, if you have an article on it, having it linked would be quite nice to help add some clarity as well as encourage readers to look through more of your articles.   Out of curiosity as well, if the cry is effected by a target being deaf, but isn't lessened at all by having one's hands over their ears, how exactly does it work? If it's truly based on hearing, then muffling the ears should at least lessen the impact, I would think? If its purely a psychic attack, then even deafness wouldn't save you as it would be a direct attack at one's brain, regardless. Or perhaps I'm missing something, entirely possible!   All this aside, I greatly enjoy the mysterious nature of the creature, the teleportations, and multiple unknowns are a very nice touch.

11 Mar, 2019 20:42

thank you for the comment, to be honest, I specifically made their origin so weird that it's hard to know where they are from what they or what they were before. I can tell you what they are but it will ruin the fun of the mystery. I will agree that I should space it out for eyes, and the realm of the cat is still unwritten. to your final question, the shriek pierces through everything to get to your hearing but it can't work if you literally can't. when I say pierce I literally mean it will slip into your hand go through solid matter just to reach your eardrums

12 Mar, 2019 09:15

If the mystery was the goal, then you most assuredly nailed it! Not exactly my style, but that doesn't make it any less viable in any way. Their existence in a world would be absolutely terrifying, and that's the goal overall I'm certain. Well done!   As far as the shriek, that makes more sense. Basically a magic hand-wave to the minor physics of how it would work to directly target the eardrum instead. Since the deaf lack them or their own are so damaged they can't pick up sound naturally that way, it has no effect?   Interesting article overall, as I said. Greatly enjoyed the new fresh take on the classical banshee undead shrieker!