The Curse of the Cratered Waste

The Curse of the Cratered Waste is a syptom of a larger disease, residual magic left after the Sundering.


Shortly after the Sundering, The Copri people left their final remaining un-fallen city of Coprezu, branching out to find survivors of the final battles of the sundering.
What they found haunted them for the rest of their lives.
The dead, walking. Humans, Elves, and others stood with night-black eyes and deathly pale skin, shambling towards the living with murderous intent. You see, Garansk was a god of undeath. When Karrek drove her pike into Garansk, his Divine Soul was obliterated, and the residual energy of this destruction took on aspects of Garansk's power. Each night, those who died would rise again as husks of themselves, and with an urge to kill those still living.


Another effect of this residual energy was the Wastes themselves. Though the terrain had been blasted and cratered, there was nothing keeping plants and animals from growing until Garansk's demise. The Curse settled over the area and prevented flora from growing, effectively causing the wasted state the area has now. This has also prevented the resettlement of the Wastes, as the Copri (And their Yeltorni overlords) do not see a reason to waste time with a settlement that will not be able to support itself.

Suppression of the Curse

The Curse with regard to barrenness can be temporarily suppressed by a combination of divine and arcane magic. This is how the crop fields of Coprezu live, as well as all of the flora around and inside the city walls. This suppression is temporary, and takes a lot of time and energy to maintain, which makes it difficult to find others to do it for newer settlements. The only other settlement that has this boon is the small town in the eastern portion of the wastes called Cratern, founded in 468 AS.


The Curse is localized to the Crater Wastes, as the battleplace between Garansk and Karrek.

Why do the Copri Stay?

This has been the question that generations of people have asked the Copri people.
The answer isn't a simple one - many Copri have left. But those that stay are fiercely defensive of their homes. During the Scism, nearly all of the Copri were killed, with survivors only being among those left in Coprezu and the stragglers that managed to survive the Scism in the Wastes. Most have no desire to leave the homes that their ancestors sheltered in as God battles raged at their doorstep. Coprezu itself is considered Holy by Copri religious leaders, providing another reason to stay.
Metaphysical, Divine


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