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Laufaral Ironhand

Youngest nephew and personal assistant of Baerdrin Ironhand. Laufaral handles the intake of all the town’s complaints, requests, and other assorted media. Even better than his uncle, Laufaral knows the residents and their needs as well as the troubles of the town. He is a well-to-do young dwarf who his uncle considers “too busy” with the common citizen, as Laufaral reads over any and all things meant for his uncle, even the so called unimportant things. For a dwarf, Laufaral is quiet like his father Sergund, preferring only to speak on behalf of others as opposed for his own benefit.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Laufaral boasts fair wealth thanks to his uncle, but chooses not to make a display of it. More often than not, Laufaral is seen in public wearing ankle-length leather boots along with simple trousers and a sailor's shirt, usually with a sturdy, thigh length wool coat over everything to keep out the cold northern air. He does not wear jewelry of any kind

Emerald green eyes with both kindness and shyness behind them
Amber brown hair pulled into a short ponytail, and a short trimmed beard of the same color

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